Yoko Taro Is Possibly, Maybe Finished With Nier

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Yoko Taro is known arsenic the mastermind down the Nier bid (and its predecessor, Drakenguard) though helium whitethorn beryllium putting the erstwhile down him for good. The eccentric crippled manager with the bizarro disguise has teased that he’s putting Nier down him for good.

In a vacation connection recorded connected December 22, Taro, on with Nier shaper Yosuke Saito and bid composer Keiichi Okabe, discussed the past twelvemonth arsenic good arsenic the income occurrence of Nier Replicant ver. 1.22474487139 (which has pushed past a cardinal copies, according to the team). The update comes disconnected arsenic a affable chat betwixt aged friends, arsenic they bounce betwixt discussing traveling overseas to conscionable fans, privation they privation for Christmas, and complaining astir enarthrosis problems. 

But erstwhile Saito asks Taro if helium has thing caller to stock regarding the Nier series, Taro bluntly replies “Nah, nothing!” When Saito asks if he’s good with not doing thing much with YoRHa, Taro half-jokingly declares “We announced it present contiguous folks! The Nier bid is present finished!”  You tin ticker the video by clicking the embedded tweet below. 

— NieR Series (@NieRGame) December 22, 2021

Of course, Taro could easy beryllium kidding and Saito instantly calls him retired connected it. Taro admits abandoning Nier could beryllium a lie, saying “But … you ne'er cognize …I mightiness bash much if I get a large ‘ol heap of money...”

So is Nier done for good! My wealth is connected “probably not, but don’t expect thing caller for a agelong time.” Especially if Taro does so person bags of cash. In October, Taro released Voice of Cards, a turn-based RPG revolving astir cards (but isn’t really a deck-builder). He’s got immoderate “free time” connected his hands present that it and Nier Replicant are retired the door, and we’re intrigued to spot what he’s got up his sleeve next.

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