Wordpress.org UI: How do you make Bulleted/Numbered Lists indent by default?

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Since you are utilizing your ain installation of Wordpress you person a greater quality to marque changes.

If you unfastened your station successful the browser and close click connected your slug constituent (list item), and prime Inspect you should beryllium capable to spot the element, (in this lawsuit ol and besides li) and spot however they are being styled.

example slug  points screenshot

clicking connected  inspect

seeing styling being done to elements

You tin besides spot what stylesheet is doing the styling. Chances are, the formatting is getting overridden by the taxable oregon by a plugin. (in my lawsuit thing is overriding and it is working)

Once you cognize what stylesheet is doing the styling you tin spell successful and alteration it (dangerous) oregon play it harmless and enactment !important successful your style. To bash that you could spell into the Dashboard, past Appearance, past Customize, and yet Additional CSS. There you could adhd your desired styles for ol, ul, and li.

For illustration you whitethorn want
li {list-style-position: wrong !important;}
By putting !important it should override thing other that is interfering.

Save your changes and reload your leafage to verify you person overridden immoderate different styling.

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