WordPress 6.6 Beta 1

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WordPress 6.6 Beta 1 is here! Please download and trial it.

This beta mentation of the WordPress bundle is nether development. Please bash not install, run, oregon trial this mentation of WordPress connected accumulation oregon mission-critical websites—you hazard unexpected results if you do.

Instead, instal Beta 1 connected section sites and investigating environments successful immoderate of these 4 ways:

PluginDirect DownloadCommand LineWordPress Playground
Install and activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin connected a WordPress install. (Select the “Bleeding edge” transmission and “Beta/RC Only” stream).
Download the Beta 1 mentation (zip) and instal it connected a WordPress website.
Use this WP-CLI command:
wp halfway update --version=6.6-beta1
Use a 6.6 Beta 1 WordPress Playground instance to trial the bundle straight successful your browser. This mightiness beryllium the easiest mode ever—no abstracted sites, nary setup. Just click and go! 

The scheduled last merchandise day for WordPress 6.6 is July 16, 2024. Your assistance investigating Beta and RC versions implicit the adjacent six weeks is captious to making definite the last merchandise is everything it should be: stable, powerful, and intuitive.

How important is your testing?

Features successful this Beta merchandise whitethorn beryllium changed oregon removed betwixt present and the last release. Early attraction from testers similar you is captious to uncovering and reporting imaginable bugs, usability issues, oregon compatibility problems to marque definite developers tin code them earlier the last release. You don’t request immoderate publication experience, and this is simply a fantastic mode to statesman your WordPress contributor story!

If you find an issue

If you tally into an issue, delight stock it successful the Alpha/Beta area of the enactment forums. If you are comfy submitting a reproducible bug report, you tin bash truthful via WordPress Trac. You tin besides cheque your contented against a database of known bugs.

Want to cognize much astir investigating successful general, and however to get started? Follow the testing initiatives successful Make Core and articulation the #core-test channel connected Making WordPress Slack.

Like each mentation since 5.0 successful 2018, WordPress 6.6 volition integrate a big of caller features from the past respective releases of the Gutenberg plugin. Learn much astir Gutenberg updates since WordPress 6.5 successful the What’s New successful Gutenberg posts for versions 17.8, 17.9, 18.0, 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, and 18.4. The last mentation volition besides see Gutenberg 18.5; the Beta 2 station volition nexus to that.

WordPress 6.6 Beta 1 contains 97 enhancements and 101 fixes for the editor, successful a full of astir 206 tickets for WordPress 6.6 Core.

The vulnerability bounty doubles successful the beta period

The WordPress assemblage sponsors a monetary reward for reporting new, unreleased information vulnerabilities. That reward doubles during the play betwixt Beta 1 connected June 4 and the last Release Candidate (RC) that volition hap June 25. Please travel the project’s responsible-disclosure practices elaborate connected this HackerOne page and successful this security achromatic paper.

What’s coming to WordPress 6.6?

This year’s 2nd large merchandise is astir polish and finesse. Features that landed successful the past fewer releases person caller flexibility and smoother flows—and a fewer caller tricks. And of people determination are a fewer brand-new features.

Data Views updates

Part of the groundwork for signifier 3, Data Views get caller and improved acquisition of moving with accusation successful the Site Editor. A caller layout consolidates patterns and template parts, gets you to wide absorption views successful less clicks, and packs successful a wide scope of refinements.

Overrides successful synced patterns

What if you could support a synced pattern‘s look and feel everyplace it appears—keeping it connected brand—but person antithetic content everyplace it appears?

For instance, possibly you‘re gathering a signifier for recipes. Ideally, you privation to support the wide plan of the look paper accordant connected each station that volition person a recipe. But the look itself—the ingredients, the steps, peculiar notes connected technique—will beryllium antithetic each time.

And perhaps, successful the future, different radical mightiness request to alteration the plan of the look pattern. It would beryllium bully to cognize they tin bash that, and that the contented successful existing recipes volition enactment close wherever it is.

In mentation 6.6, you tin marque each that happen, and overrides successful synced patterns are the mode you bash it.

See each the blocks

Up to now, erstwhile you had a artifact selected and past opened the artifact Inserter, you lone saw the blocks you were allowed to adhd to your selected block. Where were each the others?

In 6.6, erstwhile you person a artifact selected, you get 2 lists. First, there’s the database of blocks you tin insert astatine your selected block. Then you get a database with each the different blocks. So you tin get an thought of what you tin usage successful your selected block, and what different blocks you could usage successful different area. In fact, if you prime a artifact from that 2nd list, WordPress 6.6 volition adhd it beneath your block, to usage successful immoderate you physique next.

A caller people flow

Version 6.6 brings the station and tract editors person unneurotic than ever. So whether you’re penning for a station successful the station exertion oregon a leafage successful the Site Editor, your acquisition volition beryllium astir the same.

Style variations

If a artifact taxable comes with benignant variations, 6.6 vastly expands your plan options close retired of the box, without installing oregon configuring a azygous thing. Because successful 6.6, your taxable pulls the colour palettes and typography benignant sets retired of its installed variations to fto you premix and lucifer for a full satellite of expanded originative expression.

Section styles

Do you physique themes? Now you tin specify benignant options for abstracted sections of aggregate blocks, including interior blocks.

Then your users tin use those artifact benignant variations to full groups of blocks, efficaciously creating branded sections they tin curate crossed a site.

A enactment astir CSS specificity

To marque it easier for your variations to override the planetary styles CSS, those styles present travel wrapped successful `:root`. That limits their specificity. For details, work the afloat treatment connected GitHub.

A autochthonal Grid layout

Grid is simply a caller saltation for the Group artifact that lets you put the blocks wrong it arsenic a grid. If you’ve been utilizing a plugin for this, present you tin marque your grids natively.

Better signifier absorption successful Classic themes

You heard right: You tin bash everything with patterns successful Classic themes that you tin successful a artifact theme. You tin spot each the patterns disposable to you successful a azygous presumption and insert a signifier connected the fly.

Negative. Margins.

They’re here: antagonistic borderline values, truthful you tin marque objects overlap successful your design. As a guardrail, you tin lone acceptable a antagonistic borderline by typing an existent antagonistic number, not by utilizing the slider. That’s to support radical from adding antagonistic values they didn’t intend.

Rollback auto-updates

Now you tin person the convenience of mounting each your plugins to auto-update and the interior bid you get from knowing that if thing goes wrong, 6.6 volition bash a rollback. Automatically.

This station reflects the latest changes arsenic of June 4, 2024.

Again, the features successful this archetypal beta whitethorn change, based connected what testers similar you find.

Get an overview of the 6.6 merchandise cycle, and cheque the Make WordPress Core blog for 6.6-related posts successful the adjacent fewer weeks for further details.

Just for you: a Beta 1 haiku

Negative margins
Embellish each the caller ways
To plan and physique

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