WordPress 6.5.4 Maintenance Release

2 weeks ago 25

WordPress 6.5.4 is present available!
This insignificant merchandise features 5 bug fixes successful Core. You tin reappraisal a summary of the attraction updates successful this merchandise by speechmaking the Release Candidate announcement.

WordPress 6.5.4 is simply a short-cycle release. The adjacent large merchandise volition beryllium version 6.6 planned for July 2024.

If you person sites that enactment automatic inheritance updates, the update process volition statesman automatically.

You tin download WordPress 6.5.4 from WordPress.org, oregon sojourn your WordPress Dashboard, click “Updates”, and past click “Update Now”.

For much accusation connected this release, delight visit the HelpHub site.

Thank you to these WordPress contributors

This merchandise was led by Tonya Mork, Colin Stewart, and Aaron Jorbin.

WordPress 6.5.4 would not person been imaginable without the contributions of the pursuing people. Their asynchronous coordination to present attraction fixes into a unchangeable merchandise is simply a testament to the powerfulness and capableness of the WordPress community.

Aaron Jorbin, adrianduffell, Andrew Ozz, Andy Fragen, Beau Lebens, Bernhard Reiter, Brian Alexander, Colin Stewart, Darren Ethier (nerrad), David Baumwald, Enrico Battocchi, Estela Rueda, John James Jacoby, John Blackbourn, Jonathan Desrosiers, Kevin Hoffman, Louis Wolmarans, Md Abul Bashar, Miriam Schwab, Mukesh Panchal, Narendra Sishodiya, Pascal Birchler, Peter Wilson, Pooja N Muchandikar, Sarah Norris, Scott Reilly, Syed Balkhi, Tonya Mork

How to contribute

To get progressive successful WordPress halfway development, caput implicit to Trac, pick a ticket, and articulation the speech successful the #core and #6-6-release-leads channels. Need help? Check retired the Core Contributor Handbook.

Props to @afragen, @hellofromtonya , and @angelasjin for proofreading.

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