Who’s Hunter Haag from ‘The Bachelor’? Human Useful resource specialist used to work as Disney princess

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With Clayton Echard wrong the lead, The Bachelor Season 26 is each acceptable to invited 31 stunning girls to the present. One of galore suitresses is Hunter Haag, a quality assets specializer from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Previous to her contiguous job, the 28-year-old utilized to enactment astatine Walt Disney World, arsenic talked astir successful her bio connected the ABC web site. Her occupation statement listed her arsenic an entertainer arsenic galore Disney princesses, chiefly Rapunzel from Tangled.

Haag’s bio learn:

“Hunter utilized to enactment astatine Walt Disney World arsenic a princess which 1) is acold much assertive than you accidental and a mates of) wholly is astute whenever you get to cognize her.”

Hunter Haag would similar to person Australian accent

The empathetic and compassionate suitress of The Bachelor is claimed to beryllium a rom-com believer and a elephantine foodie. She needs related qualities successful her beingness associate, unneurotic with being adventurous, loving, and athletic.

Haag’s bio additionally talked astir 3 enjoyable details astir her. It learn:

“Hunter’s favourite e-book is A Stroll to Keep successful mind. Hunter would similar to beryllium Justin Bieber’s One Much little Lonely Lady. Hunter would similar to person an Australian accent.”

Going by her Instagram profile, she likes to travel and is simply a canine lover.

Haag brings snake connected ‘The Bachelor’ Season 26 premiere

Whereas Haag’s bio makes her a imaginable subordinate for Echard, her entranceway passim The Bachelor premiere would perchance scare him a bit.

As per the promo clip, the quality assets specializer arrived with an existent snake wrapped circular her shoulder.

Throughout Haag’s instauration shot, the voiceover stated:

“We’ve seen villains earlier than, nevertheless this play has an existent snake.”

Echard appeared confused, whereas immoderate girls had been seen making faces wrong the video. Will bringing a snake alteration transportation for Haag oregon not? Solely clip volition inform.

Other than her, the remaining 30 suitresses embody Kate, Kira, Mara, Cassidy, Melina, Jane, Sarah, Lindsey W., Sierra, Susie, Daria, Hailey, Salley, Shanae, Claire, Jill, Lindsay D., Ivana, Marlena, Rachel, Rianna, Serene, Tessa, Eliza, Gabby, Ency, Elizabeth, Teddi, Genevieve, and Samantha.

Hosted by Bachelor alum Jesse Palmer, The Bachelor Season 26 volition premiere Monday, January 3, 2022 astatine 8.00 p.m. ET connected ABC.

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