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What’s the constituent of curly parsley? You ne'er spot anyone buying it, and recipes always specify flat-leaf.
Colin, Stonehaven

“Curly parsley is not seen arsenic glamorous, similar Italian oregon French flat-leaf parsley, but arsenic the garnish of the 1960s,” says Jane Scotter, who runs the revered biodynamic workplace Fern Verrow successful Herefordshire. “It’s conscionable gone retired of fashion, but it is by acold the amended tasting of the two.” And she’s successful bully company, with Fergus Henderson, cook and laminitis of St John successful London, besides firmly connected #teamcurly. “It has substance. When chopped, it retains a bounce, a fluff, whereas flat-leaf parsley chops down to crisp shards that instrumentality implicit a crockery successful a swishing benignant of way.” Fighting talk, indeed.

Curly has a green, irony flavour, but it’s the texture that, arsenic Mark Diacono, writer of Herb: A Cook’s Companion, puts it, “people don’t privation to woody with”. It’s coarser than its cooler flat-leaf cousin, truthful requires a small much work. The key, Henderson says, is “to chop it precise finely, to debar the ach-ach successful the backmost of the pharynx that tin effect from its steadfast frizz. An highly crisp weapon and a courageousness with proportions is each you request to admit curly parsley.”

But where should Colin admit it? According to Diacono, “The clip curly is truly invaluable is erstwhile you’re getting adjacent food and, possibly not unconnected, with cream.” He adds that helium wouldn’t make, say, parsley condiment without the crinkled variety, either: “It’s got to beryllium bold.”

In Simon Hopkinson Cooks, though, there’s a tweak connected the taxable with buttered parsley pilaf with peppered hake. Hopkinson makes a buttery parsley puree by plunging the herb (“coarser stems discarded”) into salted boiling water, brings it backmost to a boil, past strains and refreshes successful iced water. He squeezes the parsley dry, past blitzes with melted food and crushed ail until “very creaseless and a vivid green”, earlier stirring into a pilaf.

However, Freddy Bird, chef/owner of Bristol’s Little French, goes 1 measurement farther: “Curly parsley has a spot successful ham and parsley sauce, and that’s it. It’s a flavour that reminds maine of schoolhouse and my granny, truthful I’ll instrumentality the deed of grit and texture for that hint of nostalgia.”

Sauce aside, chowder is different bully lawsuit for curly, Diacono says, arsenic are hearty soups successful general. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall writes: “It does sterling enactment erstwhile flavouring a banal and, if finely chopped, is delicious strewn into omelettes oregon implicit stews.” Another enactment is to usage curly successful ail bread, oregon simply to fry it and service with fish. The method for the latter, which comes from the River Cottage A to Z, goes: melt food successful a frying cookware until it sizzles, driblet successful your parsley sprigs and fry until crisp.

And if that hasn’t convinced Colin, here’s a last transportation by Henderson: “Sullied by its bittersweet garnish associations, we indispensable reclaim curly parsley,” helium campaigns. “It has an wholly antithetic quality from flat-leaf, which seems defeated earlier you’ve adjacent started. It’s not a garnish, it’s an ingredient, and has the payment of tasting wonderfully of parsley.”

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