UST and OutSystems Announce the Winners of the Digital Learning Challenge for Students in Malaysia

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The two-week agelong situation was launched to beforehand integer learning and unleash limitless possibilities done innovation

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UST, a starring integer translation solutions company, and OutSystems, a planetary person successful modern exertion development, person announced contiguous the completion and winners of the 14-day integer learning challenge. The last 2 winners were awarded conditional occupation offers from UST portion each participants won goodies and certificates from UST and OutSystems.

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UST had earlier partnered with OutSystems to supply seamless integer translation capabilities to customers utilizing the low-code exertion development. This enables customers of UST to rapidly make Proof-of-Concepts, Platforms, Digital Experiences, and Application Modernization – each backed with large UI, DevOps, and One-Touch Publication.

UST and OutSystems had launched a 14-day integer learning situation designed to assistance students and exertion enthusiasts larn astir OutSystems and innovate done antithetic learning modules. The full situation provided extended courses successful OutSystems Development, Modelling Data, Reactive UI Development, Role-based Security, Debugging and Reactive Programming Models, among others.

UST has ever been astatine the forefront of promoting integer acceleration and was precocious selected to thrust a integer grooming programme that volition further equip Malaysians, who are unemployed, with the close integer skills, resulting successful amended employability. The associated Digital Talent Development programme is termed Ignite under the Malaysian nationwide inaugural ‘MyStep 2021’. As a portion of this engagement, UST presently trains much than 100 Malaysians connected integer skills successful a seven-month programme to accelerate the country’s Digital Transformation programme and equip Malaysians with the indispensable integer skills required to capitalise connected the increasing marketplace opportunities successful this sector.

“Digital challenges and hackathons person ever been a halfway portion of UST. In 2019, we launched ‘d3code’ that stands for Dream, Develop and Disrupt, a hackathon for students and received an overwhelming effect with winners receiving occupation offers from UST. The 14-day integer situation is different worth adhd to UST’s committedness to embracing originative mindsets and transforming lives and we are rather pleased to collaborate with OutSystems for this situation for the students. Congratulations to the winners and we convey each for their hard work,” said Amar Chhajer, Country Head, UST Malaysia.

“This year’s winners person showcased tremendous ingenuity and thrust to larn much astir the OutSystems modern exertion improvement platform. Throughout this integer challenge, we are perpetually amazed by however these agleam minds travel unneurotic to show unbounded creativity. In mean times, these challenges and hackathons person brought unneurotic and connected innovators from astir the satellite to larn astir exertion improvement with OutSystems. We person received large responses from the students, and we are precise thankful for their enthusiastic participation. I would besides similar to instrumentality the accidental to convey UST for facilitating this situation to Ignite students successful Malaysia and bringing unneurotic the essence of learning caller skills with the powerfulness of technology,” said Marouen Zelleg, Senior Director, OutSystems.

Started successful 2010 successful Malaysia, UST has 2 engineering transportation centers successful Penang and Kuala Lumpur with implicit 1000 employees. Last year, UST besides announced the motorboat of the company’s archetypal Infinity Labs successful Southeast Asia that aims to thrust innovation for their clients successful the region. UST is committed to supporting the increasing innovation ecosystem successful Southeast Asia and is well-positioned for growth. UST’s expanding beingness successful Malaysia further solidifies its committedness to the country, with plans to leverage and supply opportunities to section Malaysian endowment who are keen connected processing integer skills indispensable for tomorrow’s economy.

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OutSystems was founded successful 2001 with the ngo to springiness each enactment the powerfulness to innovate done software. The OutSystems modern exertion platform’s precocious productivity, connected, and AI-assisted tools assistance developers rapidly physique and deploy a afloat scope of applications anyplace the enactment requires. With implicit 480,000 assemblage members, astir 1,600 employees, much than 400 partners, and progressive customers successful 87 countries and crossed 22 industries, OutSystems has achieved planetary standard portion helping organizations alteration the mode they make applications. Visit america astatine oregon travel america connected Twitter @OutSystems oregon LinkedIn astatine

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For much than 20 years, UST has worked broadside by broadside with the world’s champion companies to marque a existent interaction done transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people, and led by our purpose, we spouse with our clients from plan to operation. Through our nimble approach, we place their halfway challenges, and trade disruptive solutions that bring their imaginativeness to life. With heavy domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, we embed innovation and agility into our clients’ organizations—delivering measurable worth and lasting alteration crossed industries, and astir the world. Together, with implicit 26,000 employees successful 25 countries, we physique for boundless impact—touching billions of lives successful the process. Visit america astatine

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