Triton EV showcases Electric Truck & R&D Centre for International Women’s Day

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To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, Triton Electric Vehicle granted female auto and clean tech fans a special tour of its R&D facility in Kheda, Ahmedabad, and a display of its flagship product, the Triton Electric Truck.

The tour showcased Triton EV’s dedication to promoting women’s empowerment and involvement in society and socioeconomic growth. “Women’s empowerment is one of Triton EV’s most essential concepts. We recognise women for the contributions they make to society and particular homes,” said Managing Director of Triton EV, Himanshu Patel. “It is our flagship product and the strongest, safest, smartest, and most user-friendly truck in its class.”

The R&D facility for Triton EV spans 1 lakh, 50,000 square feet and serves as a worldwide innovation powerhouse for Triton EV’s entire R&D efforts, including Triton EV Trucks, Triton EV Two Wheelers, Hydrogen Vehicles, and Special Purpose Vehicles.

Triton EV’s commitment to women’s empowerment is reflected in the active role played by women in the company’s senior management. “We are happy to report that our female personnel has been making a major contribution to their individual duties,” said Patel.

On the occasion of Triton EV’s Celebration of International Women’s Day, Corporate Relations Executive Board member Nancy “Nayana” Patel noted that “women employees are getting equal opportunities in decision making.” Director Vandana Singh added, “Triton EV’s core philosophy is about inclusive and sustainable development of our society. This year’s International Women’s Day we expressed our commitment towards an empowered society through women empowerment.”

Triton Electric Vehicle Pvt. Ltd. is a young and enterprising Electric Vehicle company and a subsidiary of Triton EV LLC headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey-USA, with an R&D center and manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, India. The company has recently forayed into hydrogen-run vehicles and has started the journey of manufacturing hydrogen-run Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers and Buses and EV Trucks.

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