The Top 5 Best Donation Plugins to Accept Donations with WordPress

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Donations stay the largest root of income for charities and non-profit organisations. They’re besides fashionable with developers who request enactment for their projects, governmental parties, clubs that necessitate backing to proceed operating and others that are looking to rise wealth for a bully cause.

As you mightiness expect, the net is the astir effectual mode to rise donations and I judge the flexibility of WordPress makes it the cleanable level for adding a donations leafage oregon creating a dedicated fundraising website.

If you utilizing WooCommerce connected your WordPress website, you tin adhd enactment for donations done a assortment of plugin extensions specified arsenic Donation For WooCommerce, Woo Donations, Potent Donations for WooCommerce and YITH Donations for WooCommerce.

For astir WordPress users, I judge a standalone donation WordPress plugin is simply a amended option. These plugins assistance you judge donation payments, make recurring donation payments, negociate donors, people reports and more.

In this article, I would similar to stock with you what I see to beryllium the champion donation plugins disposable for WordPress. All of these plugins tin beryllium freely downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory, though with immoderate solutions, you tin unlock further features and options if you upgrade.

1. GiveWP

GiveWP is simply a flexible solution that features hundreds of large options.

With implicit 100,000 progressive installations, GiveWP is by acold the astir fashionable WordPress donation plugin connected the market. The core mentation of GiveWP lets you make analyzable donation forms and negociate each donors. It besides offers a elaborate reports leafage that shows donation revenue, refunds, full donors, mean donation amount, fig of donors and more.

When you make a caller form, you tin take to usage a elemental donation signifier oregon a elaborate multi-step form. For each signifier you create, you tin adhd agelong descriptions, specify donation levels, acceptable donation goals and customise email notifications. The escaped mentation of GiveWP lets you judge offline donations oregon payments via PayPal oregon Stripe.

GiveWP Donation FormGiveWP is highly customisable.

The fig of features successful the halfway mentation of GiveWP is impressive, but its functionality tin beryllium expanded greatly utilizing plugin add-ons. All add-ons are classified arsenic either Free, Basic oregon Premium. A full of eight plugin add-ons tin beryllium downloaded escaped of charge. These adhd features specified arsenic Facebook pixel tracking, societal media sharing buttons, signifier countdowns and widget enactment for Elementor and Divi.

The 34 premium add-ons that are disposable for GiveWP could antecedently beryllium purchased separately, though you present request to bargain the due GiveWP program to summation entree to them.

The Basic program costs $149 per twelvemonth and gives you enactment and updates for 1 website and entree to each 25 Basic plugin add-ons. 18 antithetic outgo gateways tin beryllium unlocked done the basal plan. It besides adds enactment for 5 email selling services and functionality specified arsenic Google Analytics support, email reports and PDF receipts.

The Plus program costs $216 per twelvemonth and includes enactment and updates for 1 website, whilst the $299 per twelvemonth Pro program increases enactment and updates to 5 websites. In summation to Basic plugin add-ons, these plans besides unlock 9 Premium plugin add-ons with precocious functionality. Premium add-ons see recurring donations, signifier tract manager, acquisition aid, currency switcher, donation upselling and more.

GiveWP FormAn illustration of a GiveWP donation form.

It’s nary astonishment that GiveWP is truthful popular. The escaped mentation of the plugin lets you make nonrecreational donation forms successful minutes and generates elaborate reports astir each donations.

Its enactment of PayPal and Stripe should beryllium capable for galore fundraisers, but from $149 per year, you tin unlock further outgo gateways, enactment for email selling services and a big of different nonrecreational features.

Check retired my afloat reappraisal of GiveWP for a much broad look astatine what the plugin tin do.

GiveWP: Official Website | Download From

2. Charitable

CharitableCharitable supports galore antithetic email selling services.

Charitable is simply a donation WordPress plugin that lets you easy integrate donations into your website utilizing shortcodes. The core mentation of Charitable is GDPR-friendly and works with the WordPress taxable customiser for changing signifier colours. It besides supports offline donations and payments via PayPal.

When you make a caller campaign, you tin adhd a statement and specify a run extremity and extremity date. Suggested donations tin beryllium added to forms to simplify the donation process, however, customized donations are besides supported. The plugin besides features email notifications and connected a privateness settings page, you tin acceptable which information is collected from donators and however agelong the information is kept for.

To assistance those that are launching a dedicated foundation website, the developers created a escaped foundation WordPress taxable called Reach. Many foundation WordPress themes connected ThemeForest besides natively enactment Charitable.

Charitable CampaignExtended descriptions tin beryllium added for each campaign.

20 premium plugin extensions are disposable for Charitable and determination are a fewer much disposable from third-parties. The outgo of each hold ranges from $29 to $129 for a azygous license, which makes Chartible’s Premium Plans the amended enactment for astir people.

The Plus program costs $129 per twelvemonth and comes with 1 twelvemonth of enactment and updates. It adds enactment for six further outgo gateways, six email selling services and respective different premium plugin extensions. These further plugins unlock features specified arsenic acquisition aid, anonymous donations and enactment for Easy Digital Downloads.

The $279 Pro program gives you entree to Charitable’s much precocious plugin extensions specified arsenic Recurring Donations, Ambassadors (peer-to-peer fundraising), Stripe Connect and Fee Relief. Agency and beingness plans are besides disposable for those that privation to usage the plugin connected aggregate websites.

Monthly DonationsRecurring donations are disposable done an addon.

The escaped mentation of Charitable is suitable for a elemental donation setup that accepts payments done PayPal, though it lacks the further customisation options and reports that are disposable successful the escaped versions of GiveWP and WP Fundraising.

If you’re consenting to upgrade the plugin, the Charitable Plus plan offers bully worth for wealth astatine $129 per year, giving you entree to 20 utile plugin extensions.

Charitable: Official Website | Download From

3. Donorbox

DonorboxDonorbox supports Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Donorbox is simply a hosted donation work that speeds up the process of accepting azygous oregon recurring donations connected your website. In bid to usage the service, you volition request to make a Donorbox account. You tin past instal the Donorbox WordPress plugin connected your website and show donation forms utilizing shortcodes.

For each campaign, you tin acceptable a run goal, configure email confirmations, integrate societal media platforms and adhd tracking for Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising and more.

The donation signifier wizard is simply a joyousness to use, allowing you to spot a preview of your signifier erstwhile you’re customising it. You tin specify the colour scheme, donation intervals and whether donors are permitted to permission comments. Donation values tin beryllium specified and you tin opt for one-time oregon recurring donations. A minimum donation magnitude tin beryllium acceptable too.

Donators tin marque donations arsenic a tribute to someone. All they person to bash is participate their tribute’s details during their donation for a notification to beryllium sent by email oregon post. You tin besides scope retired to donators via email astir peculiar moments. For example, erstwhile they marque their archetypal donation oregon connected the archetypal day of being a donor.

Donorbox CampaignCreating a caller signifier successful Donorbox is simply a breeze.

One of the attractions of Donorbox is its pricing structure. The work is escaped to use. All you person to bash is wage a 1.5% interest connected each donation, which you tin inquire donors to wage if you wish. A tiny outgo transaction interest volition inactive beryllium applied by Stripe oregon PayPal if you are not a registered charity, which is the lawsuit for immoderate website that accepts payments done these services.

For the immense bulk of users, the 1.5% Donorbox interest and outgo processing interest by Stripe oregon PayPal volition beryllium the lone costs associated with the service, though Donorbox does connection precocious features that whitethorn involvement ample charitable organisations. These further features are charged connected a monthly basis.

  • $40 Per Month – Allow employers to treble the donation of employees
  • $17 Per Month – API and Zapier integration
  • $8 Per Month – MailChimp integration
  • $50 Per Month – SalesForce integration
  • $19 Per Month – Add enactment for substance donations

As you tin see, the outgo of utilizing Donorbox rises rapidly if you request entree to their precocious features. For immoderate organisations, these further costs volition beryllium casual to justify. For others, it whitethorn marque much consciousness to opt for a premium WordPress donation plugin instead.

Donorbox FormA big of outgo solutions are supported by Donorbox.

Donorbox is simply a user-friendly solution that makes it casual to make nonrecreational donation forms. The work offers galore features that are usually lone disposable done premium WordPress donation plugins. Despite this, each you person to bash is wage 1.5% connected each donations that are received. Therefore, for each $1,000 you person successful donations, you request to wage $15 to Donorbox.

I urge checking it out.

Donorbox: Official Website | Download From

4. PayPal Donations

PayPal DonationsPayPal Donations makes it casual to judge donations via PayPal.

PayPal has a agelong association with charities and fundraising, taking attraction of each transaction fees for registered charities. Whilst it lone takes a fewer seconds to manually make a PayPal donation button, it tin beryllium beneficial to usage a PayPal donation WordPress plugin arsenic it simplifies the process of customising buttons and integrating them into your website.

The solution I urge is PayPal Donations. To make a donation button, each you person to bash is participate your PayPal email code oregon merchant relationship ID unneurotic with your desired currency. You tin besides nonstop donators to a convey you leafage aft making a donation, specify a default magnitude for donations and specify a intent and notation for donations.

PayPal Donations SettingsPayPal Donations places its main settings connected 1 page.

Donation buttons tin beryllium displayed connected your website via a WordPress widget, shortcode oregon PHP code. Five shortcode parameters and 4 filters and hooks are disposable to springiness you much power implicit buttons.

PayPal Donations WidgetThe PayPal Donations widget.

PayPal Donations is simply a bully prime if you’re looking to integrate a elemental PayPal donation fastener into a WordPress website. If the plugin does not tick each boxes for you, I urge trying Recurring PayPal Donations, WordPress PayPal Donations and PayPal Donation.

PayPal Donations: Official Website | Download From

5. WP Fundraising

WP FundraisingWP Fundraising supports galore antithetic types of donations.

WP Fundraising is simply a highly customisable foundation and crowdfunding solution that features hundreds of options. The plugin is 100% escaped to use, with nary features being restricted to premium plans oregon plugin extensions.

When you make a caller donation campaign, you tin adhd a lengthy statement and run goals. Fixed prices tin beryllium chosen for donations if you wish. If you prefer, you tin make aggregate donation levels oregon let customized donation amounts. There are galore styling options disposable excessively and you tin adhd customized fields to forms.

For each donation signifier you create, reports tin beryllium generated for income and for donors. This is simply a utile mode of tracking the occurrence of campaigns.

WP Fundraising Campaign FormThere are galore options disposable erstwhile creating a caller run successful WP Fundraising.

In the plugin settings area, you tin make presumption and conditions to beryllium displayed supra oregon beneath your forms. You tin besides specify your currency, alteration societal media sharing buttons and determine what is and isn’t displayed by default.

When WP Fundraising is activated, respective pages volition beryllium automatically created for cardinal areas specified arsenic the idiosyncratic dashboard, checkout and occurrence page. If you prefer, you tin adhd the provided shortcodes to different pages instead. The plugin besides has autochthonal enactment for the leafage builder Elementor and offers developers hundreds of functions, enactment hooks, and filters, to assistance get much from the plugin.

For Payments, you tin take to judge cash, PayPal, nonstop slope transfers, cheques and Stripe. Alternatively, you tin usage WooCommerce to grip each transactions. This allows you to adhd enactment for immoderate large outgo gateway.

WP Fundraising Donation FormAn illustration of a WP Fundraising donation form.

WP Fundraising has everything you request to integrate donations into your website. It boasts nonrecreational donation forms, options for goals, pledges and rewards, reports and a gorgeous idiosyncratic dashboard for donators.

Considering each the precocious features the plugin offers, it’s astonishing the plugin is 100% escaped to use.

WP Fundraising: Official Website | Download From

6. Seamless Donations

Seamless DonationsSeamless Donations helps you way donors.

My last proposal is Seamless Donations. This donation plugin supports payments via PayPal oregon Stripe and lets you customise the convey you connection that is sent to donators.

On the signifier options page, you tin specify the suggested giving levels. The options disposable are 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. For example, if you take US Dollars for your currency, you could show $5, $10 and $50. Donators tin besides participate their ain customized amount.

Ten signifier fields and checkboxes tin beryllium enabled and disabled from the signifier options leafage too. This is wherever you tin prime features specified arsenic recurring donations, leader donation matching and anonymous donations. It’s worthy noting that galore different WordPress donation plugins complaint for these features.

Donations tin beryllium made successful someone’s honour oregon successful someone’s memory. If a donator selects this option, they tin take to person an acknowledgement of the donation sent by email oregon post.

Seamless Donations Form FieldsForm fields tin beryllium easy enabled and disabled successful Seamless Donations.

Once you person configured your donation form, you tin show it utilizing a shortcode utilizing either a classical oregon modern style. There is nary statement container connected the signifier options page, truthful beryllium definite to adhd 1 to the station oregon leafage you show the Seamless Donations signifier shortcode.

The halfway mentation of Seamless Donations is free Download, though 7 premium plugin extensions are disposable that unlock further functionality. Two of these plugin extensions retail astatine $29.95 each for a azygous license, with the remaining 5 plugins costing $19.95 each.

These premium plugin extensions fto you adhd customized donation levels, complaint donors for transaction fees and redirect donators to a circumstantial leafage oregon URL. 35 pre-made donation forms are besides disposable and there’s a widget battalion and a plugin for deleting data.

Seamless Donations FormA donation signifier that was created with Seamless Donations.

If you lone request to adhd 1 donation leafage to your website, Seamless Donations is simply a bully choice. It’s casual to use, supports galore currencies and does not complaint for precocious features specified arsenic recurring donations oregon donation tributes. It’s conscionable a shame the plugin does not presently enactment aggregate donation forms arsenic it makes it a small little flexible than alternate solutions.

The immense bulk of features successful Seamless Donations are escaped to usage and the plugin extensions that are disposable are reasonably priced. At this time, however, nary premium program is disposable that gives you entree to each plugin extensions. It is hard to kick astir this excessively overmuch erstwhile each indispensable functionality is included successful the halfway plugin.

Seamless Donations: Official Website | Download From

Final Thoughts

Over 20 antithetic donation WordPress plugins were installed and tested connected my backstage WordPress website to assistance maine determine what each donation solution offered. There are pros and cons to utilizing each solution, which makes it important to cheque each plugin yourself to spot if it meets your requirements.

Donation SolutionSummary
GiveWPArguably the champion solution wide arsenic the halfway mentation is generous with features and the afloat mentation tin bash astir anything. Be alert that galore cardinal features are lone disposable if you opt for a premium GiveWP plan.
CharitableThe escaped mentation of the plugin is good for a elemental donation project, but you volition request to upgrade to 1 of the premium plans to summation entree to astir functionality.
DonorboxA user-friendly donation work that helps you make nonrecreational donation forms successful minutes. No upfront costs, but a 1.5% interest is charged connected each donations.
PayPal DonationsA elemental solution that helps you customise a PayPal donation fastener and show it connected a WordPress website
WP FundraisingA viable alternate to GiveWP and Charitable that is 100% escaped to use. Boasts reports, a nonrecreational front-end idiosyncratic dashboard and an enactment of utilizing WooCommerce for payments.
Seamless DonationsDesigned to beryllium utilized with 1 donation form, it offers precocious features specified arsenic recurring donations and acquisition tributes escaped of charge. Not arsenic polished arsenic immoderate alternatives though.
A summary of the champion WordPress donation plugins.

Used/using immoderate of the above? Thoughts connected each?

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