The electric Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG is an automotive icon reimagined

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This is each I’m gonna beryllium capable to speech astir for astatine slightest the adjacent fewer months.


It was a large woody erstwhile the legitimately brand-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class was unveiled successful 2018. It lone shares a half-dozen components with the erstwhile G-Class, which had been fundamentally the aforesaid since 1979. It proved a arguable redesign, with purists decrying the softer styling, too-techy interior and much modern driving characteristics. But there’s nary denying the caller G-wagen is the champion 1 ever, retaining the G’s charm and driving quality portion being a amended conveyance — not to notation a monolithic income success. Now, the G-Class is genuinely entering the aboriginal with the debut of the Concept EQG connected Sunday, a near-production look astatine the afloat electrical G that volition spell connected merchantability successful a mates years.

Now, this conception isn’t coming arsenic a surprise. At the uncover of the G-wagen successful 2018 Arnold Schwarzenegger made a astonishment onstage appearance, and helium got Daimler’s then-Chairman Dieter Zetsche to committedness the G would beryllium a portion of Mercedes’ afloat electrification plan. Then successful 2019, existent Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius confirmed that a G-Class EV was successful the works. But the uncover of this Concept EQG means the accumulation car is connected the horizon, with a debut imaginable arsenic soon arsenic 2022.

The EQG puts a rotation connected acquainted G-wagen plan cues.


Crucially, the Concept EQG inactive looks similar a G-Class — the assemblage is astir identical, aft all. It has the EQ-trademark achromatic sheet grille with an illuminated borderline and LED squircles creating the illusion of a grille pattern. The existent intakes successful the little beforehand bumper besides person a squircle pattern, and determination are caller underbody trim pieces visible. Round lights connected the broadside mirrors echo the classical circular headlights, and the extortion rack has an integrated airy bar.

The illumination doesn’t halt there. The EQG’s broadside strips airy up, there’s different airy barroom astatine the backmost of the extortion rack and the ringing astir the spare tyre bearer is lit up, too. That said, it’s nary longer really a spare tyre carrier: It’s a lockable retention compartment that’s meant for charging cables, and the squircle signifier is inspired by wallboxes. I’m obsessed with the 22-inch aluminum wheels, the archetypal clip a monoblock-style plan has been utilized connected a G-wagen, and the two-tone overgarment decorativeness is simply a archetypal for the exemplary too. Also, portion it’s not disposable successful photos, the extortion rack seemingly has a ample G successful the center.



Mercedes is keeping astir of the EQG’s method details a secret, but determination are immoderate large items we bash cognize about. The EQG sticks with the regular G-wagen’s ladder frame, with the artillery battalion integrated into the framework for a debased halfway of gravity. It inactive has an autarkic beforehand suspension and a coagulated rear axle, though the setups person been specially modified to accommodate the batteries and electrical motors. As for those electrical motors, determination are 4 of them — 1 astatine each wheel. Mercedes says the motors are mounted “close to the wheels” and tin beryllium controlled individually, which is simply a boon some for on-road show and off-road capability.

The EQG’s capableness volition beryllium nary gag — astir apt adjacent amended than the mean G’s — and Mercedes says its off-road characteristics volition beryllium unique. Locking differentials person ever been a G-Class hallmark, but with 4 independently controlled electrical motors that tin supply instant torque and person precise torque-vectoring capability, diff lockers are unnecessary. It’ll besides person a shiftable two-speed gearbox for off-road cogwheel reduction, and Mercedes promises “enormous” pulling power. As with each different G-Class, the EQG volition beryllium proven connected the Schöckl upland trial track successful Graz, a 3.5-mile way that reaches astir 5,000 feet and has gradients of up to 60 degrees. Mercedes says the EQG volition beryllium capable to ascent a 100% people conscionable similar the gas-powered models.

Pictured: Me and my aboriginal hubby staring longingly astatine the EQG.


Now carnivore with maine arsenic I speculate a bit. Mercedes hasn’t released interior photos yet, but my stake is that the EQG volition person a ample touchscreen moving the brand’s latest MBUX system. Given the quality of the G-wagen’s dashboard design, I’m not definite however that volition look — I uncertainty the surface volition person the S-Class‘ pseudo-floating look. In presumption of specs, I deliberation a scope of astir 300 miles connected the EPA rhythm would marque sense, but that depends connected the size of the batteries. With its 4 electrical motors I deliberation we’re definite to spot the EQG connection implicit 1,000 horsepower, though it could beryllium disposable with aggregate powerfulness levels. And possibly EQG could adjacent get rear-wheel steering and adjustable aerial suspension, 2 features that person ne'er been offered connected the G-Class before. But that’s conscionable maine dreaming.

Mercedes-Benz COO Markus Schäfer says helium wants to “inspire customers to power to electrical mobility with convincing products,” and that the G-wagen “fulfills this task perfectly.” Emmerich Schiller, managing manager of the caller G division and caput of off-road merchandise development, adds that electrifying the G-wagen is “simply the logical adjacent step” successful the SUV’s history. As a monolithic instrumentality of the model, I can’t disagree. It whitethorn not person the diagnostic V8 rumble of the existent G-Class, but I deliberation the benefits of an EV powertrain volition inherently suit the G’s property and acold outweigh the criticisms levied astatine the EQG from G-wagen purists. Plus, it’ll inactive person that iconic rifle-bolt doorway fastener sound, and that’s each that truly matters.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG previews a accumulation electrical G-Class

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