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| July 26, 2021 |

Your nonfiction (England whitethorn person to reimpose Covid rules successful August, scientists warn, 21 July) says immoderate restrictions whitethorn person to beryllium reintroduced wrong 3 weeks to debar the NHS becoming overwhelmed – but it already is. I’m a paramedic astatine a 999 telephone centre and I person ne'er known things to beryllium truthful bad.

People are waiting successful excess of 15 minutes to person their calls answered. Can you ideate waiting truthful agelong for an relation to inquire “Is the diligent breathing” if they’re not?

We don’t person resources to allocate to adjacent the astir life-threatening emergencies, and those we deem to beryllium little captious are waiting hours – sometimes until the adjacent time – for an ambulance. This includes aged falls, children taxable to home maltreatment and radical who person fainted.

Ambulances are queueing extracurricular hospitals for much than 2 and a fractional hours arsenic there’s nary abstraction for patients. Meanwhile, roadworthy unit are sitting successful 30C vigor successful afloat PPE incapable to get a portion of h2o oregon person a repast break. Call handlers are successful tears, with not adjacent 5 seconds betwixt calls and having to inquire to usage the toilet aft hours without a interruption due to the fact that determination are truthful galore unanswered 999 calls.

It’s not conscionable the “pingdemic” that’s causing problems, though I can’t accidental we haven’t been affected by Covid outbreaks and contact-tracing isolation. The telephone request is overmuch higher than I’ve ever known. If cases, hospitalisations and deaths are doubling each 3 weeks, past wherefore hold 3 weeks for things to get doubly arsenic bad?
Name and code supplied

There’s a batch incorrect with NHS trial and trace, but the 1 happening it can’t beryllium blamed for is the pingdemic (Limited fig of captious workers to beryllium allowed to debar self-isolation, 22 July). That is simply a predictable effect of the Tory government’s transgression let-it-rip, live-with-the-virus policy. It is allowing the microorganism to dispersed rapidly, which not lone opens the mode for much vaccine-resistant mutations and variants, but besides means that much and much radical are apt to beryllium successful interaction with idiosyncratic who is infected.

Tweaking the app oregon exempting definite workers volition not lick the pingdemic – oregon the pandemic. It volition marque it worse arsenic it volition mean much perchance infected radical (including those who are treble jabbed but tin inactive dispersed the disease) volition beryllium mixing alternatively of isolating. The lone mode to halt the pinging is to bring backmost mitigation measures specified arsenic mandatory disguise wearing and societal distancing, making workplaces and indoor venues safe, providing applicable and fiscal enactment for self-isolators, and by putting each super-spreaders – for example, festivals, sporting events and clubbing – connected clasp for a fewer much weeks.
Joan Twelves
Lambeth, London

While immoderate radical and businesses are being disadvantaged by the pingdemic, let’s not hide that the fig of radical investigating affirmative has risen by 24% successful the past week oregon so. Admissions to infirmary are up much than 30% and there’s been a 50% summation successful deaths implicit the aforesaid period.

So alternatively than focusing conscionable connected the consequences of being pinged, let’s each recognise the seriousness of the concern and proceed to get vaccinated, support societal distancing, deterioration our masks and lavation our hands regularly to support each other.
Prof Claire Anderson
President, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

If the intent of the NHS Covid-19 app is to halt the dispersed of infection, and the Delta variant is much transmissible than the erstwhile variants, surely it is counterintuitive for the app to beryllium made little sensitive.
Linda Wright
Ivybridge, Devon

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