Swashbuckling Adventure Game, Bilkins' Folly, Will Now Hit PlayStation, Switch Alongside PC

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Bilkins' Folly pirate indie escapade  crippled  gameplay trailer

Developer Webbysoft, a one-man team, and steadfast Armor Game Studios person announced that Bilkins' Folly volition besides merchandise connected immoderate consoles alongside PC aboriginal this year. 

Originally, Bilkins' Folly was owed retired connected conscionable PC but Webbysoft has added PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch to its database of platforms. A merchandise day has not yet been revealed but the crippled is owed successful "late 2023." In Bilkins' Folly, you play arsenic treasure huntsman Percival "Percy" Bilkins who, with his canine champion person Drayton, embarks connected a quest to find their missing household that myseriously vanished years ago. On their journey, the duo volition hop islands, lick puzzles, and more. 

Check it retired successful the latest trailer below: 

"A rouge question leaves the brace stranded, shipless, and precise sandy," a property merchandise reads. "With their ngo derailed, Percy and Drayton acceptable their sights connected procuring a caller ship, reuniting with their trusty crew, and getting backmost connected track. Nothing is ever that elemental though, is it? 

"In this swashbuckling communicative adventure, research goregous islands drenched successful past and mystery, conscionable the regions' quirky inhabitants, and usage your cartography skills to representation retired sites to excavation for riches. A canine is ever your biggest asset, and Drayton is nary different; arsenic your enslaved with Percy's pup grows, he'll larn caller tricks to unfastened up untrodden paths, lick puzzles, and assistance you successful your quest to find your household and unearth profoundly buried secrets." 

Here's a database of features successful Bilkins' Folly, from developer Webbysoft: 

  • Expand your ship’s unit by recruiting aspiring sailors to articulation your ranks.

  • Socialize with the galore inhabitants of the islands—but support successful caput they’ll retrieve however you dainty them.

  • X marks the spot! Customize your representation to enactment for you by drafting lines and placing icons to assistance you successful your treasure-hunting escapades.

  • Fish for absorbing oversea creatures and grounds your findings successful your journal.

  • Enter treasure-hunting competitions to gain trophies and bragging rights.

  • Pick locks, herd sheep, and much successful charming minigames.

Bilkins' Folly hits PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC successful "late 2023." 

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