Sony India Launches XS-162GS and XS-160GS Car Speakers Specially Tuned for India Offering an Exceptional Audio Experience

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Sony India contiguous unveiled the latest additions to the automotive dependable revolution, the XS-162GS and XS-160GS car speakers. Engineered for those craving an auditory upgrade from their mill car audio, the caller GS line-up promises a transformative travel with its finely tuned acoustics.

Sony India launches XS-162GS and XS-160GS car speakers

The XS-162GS offers 16 cm (6″) 2-way constituent speakers, portion the XS-160GS presents 16 cm (6″) 2-way coaxial speakers. Crafted with precision, these speakers boast features similar composite polypropylene cone woofer for affluent bass, foam rubber situation for responsive notes, and silk brushed dome tweeter for earthy dependable dispersion.

Sony Indias committedness to sustainability shines done with eco-conscious packaging and reduced ink usage, reflecting their dedication to biology responsibility.

The XS-162GS and XS-160GS car speakers are specially tuned for India and tailored to cater to the preferences and needs of the Indian market. With a highest powerfulness of 350W and an RMS of 60W, some models connection enhanced clarity and almighty audio output with wide dependable reproduction.

Key Features of XS-162GS and XS-160GS Speakers:

Composite polypropylene cone woofer: Optimally designed polypropylene diaphragm gives heavy bass portion suppressed peaks and dips successful the mid and precocious frequence creaseless integration with the tweeter.

Foam rubber surround: The woofer situation worldly is made of foam rubber, manufactured with an air-filled matrix operation that is light-weight and durable, providing optimal damping characteristics for responsive bass notes.

Silk brushed dome tweeter: Based connected exertion developed for our premium talker designs, the soft-dome tweeter boasts a level frequence effect and wider dispersion. In addition, its silk diaphragm contributes to earthy and creaseless dependable with bully interior loss.

Dynamic aerial diffuser: The integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures businesslike aerial circulation for creaseless cone question and cooling of the dependable coil.

Progressive tallness complaint spider: The acoustically optimised spider allows for higher powerfulness handling and airflow, with a illustration designed for much accelerated and precise cushioning of the talker cone.

Easy installation: The smaller tweeter chassis and shallow woofer handbasket alteration carnal interference with mill grilles, enabling casual installation successful a wider assortment of vehicles.

Phase plug (XS-162GS Only): The resonance damping signifier plug connected the woofer helps realise the perfect frequence response, close up to the crossover constituent with the matched tweeters.

Supplied tweeter mounts/ adaptors (XS-162GS Only): The recently designed space mounts and aboveground equine adaptors guarantee flexible installation successful assorted types of vehicles for champion acoustic results.

In-line crossover networks (XS-162GS Only): The in-line crossover networks alteration casual wiring realising installation successful a wider assortment of vehicles.

Environment successful mind

Sony’s products are not lone designed to beryllium stylish but besides with the situation successful mind. For the GS line-up idiosyncratic packaging, 98% of the cushions are made of insubstantial materials, and compared to the anterior model, printed accusation has been cautiously considered for simplicity and magnitude to trim printer ink usage by astir 90%, reflecting Sony’s committedness to reducing biology impact.


The caller line-up is disposable astatine prime car dealers crossed India.


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