setTimezone showing wrong timezone

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I person a adaptable for showing the timezone for the events. The timezone for Los Angeles showing close clip portion (PST oregon PDT) automatically, but connected the time erstwhile the clip changes (November 7th) the clip is inactive PDT, though the clip was already changed that nighttime and should beryllium PST - adaptable $date_time_pacific. Can't find the solution to amusement the PST 1 time earlier. The codification below:

<li><strong> <?php $date = get_field('start_date'); $event_date = date("l, F j, Y", strtotime($date)); $date_time = get_field("start_date"); $date_time_eastern = caller DateTime($date_time, caller DateTimeZone('America/Los_Angeles')); $date_time_pacific = clone $date_time_eastern; $date_time_pacific->setTimezone(new DateTimeZone('America/Los_Angeles')); ?> <?php echo $event_date; ?> <?php echo $date_time_pacific->format('T'); ?> </strong></li>
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