Set edit capability based on ACF relationship

1 month ago 9

I person a CPT for Businesses, which person a narration to different CPT, region. Users tin edit their ain businesses, but I besides person determination managers that I would similar to springiness the quality to edit businesses successful their region.

Right present users tin lone edit the concern listings they are the writer of. I person an ACF tract for users, regions managed, that contains 1 oregon much regions this idiosyncratic manages. I'd similar them to beryllium capable to spot each the listings successful that portion and beryllium capable to edit them. Currently they tin spot each the listings successful the system, but presumption only.

I person a signifier connected the beforehand extremity that allows immoderate basal editing, and a relation that decently checks if a idiosyncratic tin edit a fixed listing, but I'm not definite however to spell astir incorporating this successful the WP admin listings.

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