Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Customer Engagement Excellence Using Modern Tech

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If you are ever connected the hunt to find caller ways to amended your lawsuit interactions, we person a imaginable winning instrumentality for you. Our Sendbird AI Chatbot reappraisal volition amusement however this no-code level tin assistance you physique customized conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots for your site. It includes ways to link done aggregate channels, a full-featured chatbot and workflow builder, an integration with WordPress, and overmuch more.

As such, this station is going to springiness you a afloat Sendbird AI Chatbot review. Throughout, we’ll look astatine the features and functionality connected offer, however to usage the tool, and adjacent what existent users person to accidental astir the tool.

What Sendbird AI Chatbot Is

The Sendbird AI Chatbot is simply a fantastic mode to link amended with your site’s imaginable customers. It gives you a no-code drag-and-drop builder to assistance you make conversational chatbots crossed antithetic channels.

The Sendbird logo.

While the prime of chatbots person been rising implicit the past fewer years, utilizing AI oregon a Large Language Model (LLM) specified arsenic Claude oregon ChatGPT tin springiness the output other quality. Sendbird integrates LLMs into its offering, and it means you tin supply elaborate buying assistance, amended pb generation, and a much personalized lawsuit service.

Sendbird’s Core Feature Set

At its core, Sendbird is an on-site chatbot that uses AI to converse with your users. However, dissimilar astir solutions that laud its AI functionality, Sendbird goes the other mile. It includes a fig of antithetic LLMs to take from including 2 Claude 3 models, ChatGPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Omni, Meta’s Llama 2, Google’s Gemini, Upstage’s SOLAR, and more.

This means you tin harness the analyzable algorithms of astir each of the starring LLMs for your circumstantial purpose, arsenic immoderate excel astatine antithetic tasks. Of course, this besides means you tin integrate Sendbird into whichever portion of your tract you request to supply a accordant User Experience (UX).

Here’s what other Sendbird provides with its chatbot:

  • A five-step process to make an AI chatbot that you tin acceptable up wrong minutes.
  • Customization options to make visuals that lucifer your site’s benignant and look.
  • An analytics conception that offers insights into bot enactment and messages, idiosyncratic feedback, show highlights, connection recognition usage, and more.
  • Integration with your existing tools to guarantee the astir businesslike strategy crossed your site’s channels.

These features besides bring astir tons of positives. In the adjacent section, we’ll locomotion done a fewer of them.

The Benefits of Using Sendbird AI Chatbot

There are plentifulness of benefits for choosing to usage a chatbot successful the archetypal place, but Sendbird successful peculiar brings overmuch much to the table. The eventual absorption is to plan customized AI chatbots and workflows that acceptable the needs of your users too, and this gives you a batch of benefits.

The main affirmative of Sendbird is the LLM integration. Using 1 of the 5 options tin connection tons of positive points for lawsuit work applications:

  • Personalization. You’ll beryllium capable to propulsion a past of interactions, find applicable information, and much successful a snap.
  • Efficiency. Most of the questions should beryllium a breeze for the integrated LLM, which volition marque your chatbot speedy and efficient. This gives you greater absorption for business-critical areas.
  • Accuracy. You person the enactment to upload your documentation arsenic grooming data, which turns Sendbot into a customized GPT. This mode you tin guarantee that customers get the close responses adjacent erstwhile the backmost extremity changes.
  • Scalability. Sendbird uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) unreality supplier to service millions of monthly progressive users and billions of messages per month. This lets you boost resources erstwhile you request them, and standard backmost erstwhile you don’t.

In combination, these 4 benefits volition instrumentality your lawsuit work acquisition and nonstop it into the stratosphere. The nett affirmative for you could beryllium greater satisfaction, accrued marque loyalty, and much income.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: How to Set Up the Tool and Integrate It With WordPress

There are 2 parts erstwhile it comes to mounting up and integrating Sendbird’s AI chatbot. We’ll screen some here. First up is the installation process. From there, we’ll look astatine however to link your chat model to WordPress.

Installing the AI Chatbot

There are a fewer steps you request to instrumentality earlier you statesman to acceptable up a chatbot. First, there’s the signup process, which requires you to create a Sendbird account, past make an application. Here, you’ll request to participate an exertion name, the benignant of merchandise it volition be, and an associated region:

The Sendbird AI chatbot Create Application screen.

Once you click the Create button, you tin statesman to physique your chatbot. This volition necessitate immoderate information, specified arsenic the sanction of your bot, a invited message, and a suggested reply placeholder:

Setting up   a caller   exertion  connected  the Sendbird Basic Information screen.

When it comes to the AI motor you choose, we’d suggest you instrumentality with 1 of the much conversational options, specified arsenic Claude. Regardless, erstwhile you click the Next button, you tin adhd a knowledge base. This is the mode you ‘train’ the LLM exemplary connected your site’s applicable details, and tin beryllium either a URL oregon file:

Adding cognition  files to your bot's grooming  corpus successful  Sendbird.

From here, you tin statesman to customize your chat widget utilizing the basal options:

Customizing the chatbot wrong   Sendbird's onboarding wizard.

At this point, you tin statesman to trial the chatbot out. We’d urge questions you’ll cognize the reply to, based connected the accusation wrong the cognition base:

Previewing the AI chatbot wrong   Sendbird.

Once you’re blessed with however your chatbot runs, it’s clip to integrate it with WordPress.

Integrating Sendbird AI Chatbot With Your WordPress Website

To adhd your chatbot to your site, you tin cheque retired 1 of the guides from the Add to my website drop-down paper wrong Sendbird:

Choosing a method of adding the Sendbird AI chatbot to a website.

However, the emblematic attack for WordPress is to install and activate the official plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

The header representation  for the Sendbird plugin connected

Within WordPress, caput to the Plugins > Sendbird AI chatbot screen, and participate your Application ID and Bot ID successful the designated fields

The Sendbird WordPress plugin surface  showing fields to link  your chatbot.

Once you implicit this, click the Save fastener and the chatbot volition beryllium progressive connected your website:

A chatbot unrecorded  connected  a WordPress website.

While this is simply a straightforward setup guide, there’s plentifulness much you tin execute with Sendbird’s AI chatbot. We urge speechmaking the documentation and utilizing the Help Center to find retired more. We’ll springiness this much absorption aboriginal on.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Pricing

Sendbird offers a fewer different tools and services than its AI chatbot. As such, each has idiosyncratic pricing arsenic good arsenic bundled options. We’ll screen lone the chatbot pricing here.

The Sendbird AI chatbot pricing page.

The Free Trial program gives you 1,000 connection credits, on with a 30-day proceedings of the highest tier (more of which shortly). This is large to see, arsenic it’s a proceedings without hazard and lets you trial the functionality earlier you buy.

Once you’re acceptable to spend, the Starter program could beryllium for you. It’s $99 per period and includes 10,000 connection credits. This tier supports up to 10 AI chatbots, 25 cognition bases, and 1 effect workflow per app. We deliberation this program is perfect for tiny to medium-sized businesses, and is the 1 we’d take for astir emblematic WordPress websites.

For much resources crossed the board, you’ll privation to see the Pro program astatine $499 per month. This gives you 50,000 connection credits, 25 chatbots, 50 cognition bases, and 10 effect workflows per app. It’s a large leap successful terms from the Starter plan, but could beryllium cleanable if you request those expanded limits and functionality.

If you person precocious needs and a fund to match, the Enterprise program provides customized solutions based connected large-scale requirements. The outgo volition standard to match, which means it volition lone beryllium suitable for the biggest of sites.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Support

Sendbird’s AI Chatbot has a elaborate documentation, a assemblage of experts, and dedicated support for premium customers. While there’s a dedicated contact page, you whitethorn find the enactment you request wrong the Help Center.

The Sendbird Help Center screen.

You person a scope of resources present to assistance you. The FAQ gives you rapid-fire answers to communal questions, portion the Documentation conception takes a deeper dive into what the Sendbird AI chatbot tin do. We besides similar the Community enactment connects you to some different users and a squad of on-hand experts:

The Community forum for Sendbird's merchandise  lines.

There’s besides fantabulous documentation for developers too, on with separate plans if you request a Service Level Agreement (SLA) oregon further dedicated support.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Reviews From Real Users

The Sendbird accusation  sheet  connected  the G2 website.

Sendbird has a 4.5 retired of 5 prima standing connected G2, which means different users tin vouch for the prime notation successful this post. This comes successful the signifier of wide platitudes astir the AI chatbot…

…The caller AI Chatbot diagnostic is exciting, and the dashboard makes it casual to usage and understand.the caller AI Chatbot diagnostic is exciting…

Tucker L.

As a bootstrapped startup with a tiny team, Sendbird has allowed america to adhd a best-in-class assemblage acquisition to our merchandise with the flick of a switch. Our chat diagnostic has go 1 of our user’s favourite parts of the app, and has greatly improved our retention.

Jon P.

However, immoderate users person noted issues astir bugs successful the Software Development Kit (SDK) from clip to time. In our research, Sendbird works large wide and it’s bully to spot the enactment squad beryllium proactive with jumping onto immoderate (rare) problems that arise.

Transform Your Customer Interactions with Sendbird AI Chatbot

After diving into the Sendbird AI Chatbot, it’s wide that this level is simply a large solution if you privation to elevate your lawsuit interactions. It’s particularly fantabulous for tiny to mean WordPress websites, fixed the diagnostic acceptable and flexibility connected offer.

There’s a straightforward setup process, and a prime of LLM models to screen astir bases. You adjacent get enactment provisions done online documentation, entree to a idiosyncratic community, and a abstracted enactment team. On the whole, this is 1 solution wherever utilizing AI provides existent and tangible benefits.

Do you hold with our Sendbird AI chatbot review? We’d emotion to perceive your thoughts successful the comments conception below!

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