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Members of the Rome City School District’s Board of Education received a broad instrumentality connected the district’s exertion and a past-present-future glimpse astatine its interaction connected however Rome’s students are and volition beryllium learning.

Patrick Sullivan, the district’s manager of Information Technology, summed up the presumption of 1-to-1 learning, synonymous with distant learning by laptop, and different issues for the committee astatine its gathering connected Thursday. All of the astir 5,600 Rome territory K-12 students person been issued Chromebooks, Sullivan said. 

While the transitioning to laptop learning was connected the pre-pandemic radar for Rome, it wasn’t rather yet successful the crosshairs erstwhile the pandemic and an abrupt bolt into distant learning pushed the contented of laptops to each of Rome’s K-12 students successful the Spring of 2020. 

Baptized by fire, the students, module and families “learned connected the job” however thatch and larn – and enactment some – connected this caller virtual platform, Sullivan said.


While the pandemic is expected to wane implicit time, its lessons volition remain, officials said, adding that Chromebooks volition beryllium utilized moving guardant whether acquisition is distant oregon in-person. These devices, empowered by broadband net access, let students caller and much thorough entree to their teachers, classes, curriculum, assignments and assessments, officials said, and tin destruct “paper” astir entirely.

Cyber Security

About a twelvemonth ago, the Rome City School District partnered with M.A. Polce Consulting, Inc, a Rome-based cyber-security company, to amended upon information measures already successful place, including usage of Arctic Wolf technology.

“Arctic Wolf, successful layman’s terms, conscionable watches implicit everything that comes into our network,” said Sullivan. Security measures see limits to the sites that students are capable to entree connected the internet, gps tracking connected the idiosyncratic devices, and flagging fishy email and uploads wherever malware and ransomware tin beryllium detected and prevented from infecting the network.

Internet inequity

The abrupt displacement to virtual learning revealed inequity successful entree to broadband net service, cablegram work and cellular telephones and tablets. Obstacles ranging from prohibitive costs to locations – particularly agrarian – wherever work is unreliable oregon – sometimes – simply not yet available. As a result, Sullivan shared that the territory issued astir 200 “hot spot” devices that would let students to log onto the net via a cellular telephone instrumentality oregon cable-provided wifi service. 

Sullivan called blistery spots, “pretty amazing.” But they are not rather astonishing capable to adjacent the spread of entree to the net and – frankincense – to their curriculums for immoderate students.

“In immoderate places, determination are conscionable nary adjacent compartment towers,” said Sullivan. “If determination are nary compartment towers oregon signals, blistery spots volition inactive not bash overmuch to help.”

One short-term solution being explored by Rome is equipping schoolhouse buses with net access. While existent complaints abound astir the magnitude of Rome schoolhouse autobus rides, the clip walk connected schoolhouse buses with net entree could beryllium spent by students with constricted entree astatine location to enactment connected assignments requiring an net connection, reviewing their Google classrooms and different akin tasks.

Damage, nonaccomplishment and replacement

A situation inherent successful putting a Chromebook successful the hands of each K-12 pupil successful Rome is the inevitability of mislaid oregon damaged devices and the request to regenerate devices that person outlived their lifecycles. “The replacement rhythm connected a Chromebook is 4 to six years,” said Sullivan. “And they last.”

“If we’re looking astatine issuing a Chromebook to each pupil erstwhile starting Kindergarten,” said Sullivan, “we should beryllium looking astatine 3 instrumentality replacement cycles; 1 replacement successful fifth-grade and different betwixt grades 9 and 11.”

Sullivan and his unit of 12, who enactment to negociate the district’s devices, person flagged harm and nonaccomplishment of the Chromebooks emerging arsenic their biggest challenge.

“What we are uncovering – what each territory is finding,” said Sullivan, “are hiccups successful presumption of our clip and conscionable being overwhelmed with harm to the Chromebooks and trying to way down missing devices.”

“We had a full of 1079 repairs past year,” reported Sullivan. “This year, since September 1, we’ve already needed to repair 448 devices.” Sullivan noted that, portion the Chromebooks are elemental to us, they are analyzable devices to repair. He called the uptick successful harm to them a “daunting task” for his department. 

Tanya Davis, vice president of the board, suggested the territory see a proactive investment, specified arsenic issuing the Chromebooks to students unneurotic with a padded sleeve – thing that could little the damages. 

Sullivan besides noted that, not amazingly with the instrumentality to in-school learning, galore students simply hide to bring the Chromebook to schoolhouse – wherever teachers present incorporated it into in-class lessons and wherever students usage it to show their docket and assignments, arsenic good arsenic to usage escaped periods to implicit homework.

Board subordinate Anna Megerell noted that it mightiness beryllium adjuvant if elementary-aged students were allowed to permission their Chromebooks astatine school, unless determination was a circumstantial request to bring them home.

“My lone fearfulness with that is however rapidly things alteration with america going remote.” warned Sullivan, referring to the caller and abrupt announcement of a impermanent instrumentality to distant learning successful Rome. “Some teachers person allowed students to permission devices astatine school, past the adjacent day, we unopen down and teachers person to find a mode to get the Chromebooks to those students. 

Sullivan shared that determination is simply a assistance table strategy wherever teachers tin petition a “loaner” instrumentality for a pupil who has forgotten their Chromebook but needs 1 to prosecute successful that day’s lessons.

“Requests for loaners person besides accrued this year,” said Sullivan. “We are closing successful connected astir 500 requests.”

Sullivan besides updated the Board connected the mathematics astir missing Chromebooks. He believes the existent number, since the devices were issued to students successful the outpouring of 2020, is arsenic overmuch arsenic 120 missing devices.

“We bash person the quality to geo-locate the missing devices and we tin besides remotely disable them truthful that they can’t truly beryllium used,” said Sullivan successful the mode of advising the Board of measures successful spot to forestall the nonaccomplishment of missing Chromebooks, “but that doesn’t get it returned – unless we physically spell and retrieve it.”

“With our caller graduating class,” queried Davis, “how did we bash getting them back?”

While Sullivan didn’t person a fig circumstantial to that cohort, Davis went connected to suggest proactive measures that would motivate students who had not near the territory to instrumentality the Chromebooks, specified emailing seniors to punctual them of the request to instrumentality the devices and pass of consequences that could see the merchandise of transcripts. Davis besides suggested requiring the instrumentality of the Chromebook erstwhile seniors prime up their caps and gowns.

Chromebook Insurance

While sometimes challenging to enforce, parents and guardians bash hold to beryllium liable for nonaccomplishment oregon harm erstwhile the Chromebooks are issued to their children. But paying for repairs oregon replacements tin beryllium a daunting disbursal for galore Rome families.

“One happening (Superintendent) Peter Blake and I person worked connected is offering instrumentality security to parents,” said Sullivan. “Canastota and Little Falls districts already bash this.”

Sullivan said the outgo done the supplier for insurance, which covers loss, breakage, h2o harm and different issues – is $32 per year.

Davis liked the thought of offering the insurance, but wanted to research a means of providing it to families for whom the outgo could beryllium prohibitive, particularly those with aggregate children successful the district.

Smart Schools

Sullivan shared that the “Smart Schools” inaugural passed successful 2014 has helped to update web infrastructures and hole for a 1-to-1 virtual learning environment. The Rome territory worked to measure its network, making definite each schoolroom had a wireless entree constituent and web switch. Replacements, installations and upgrades were made to guarantee compliance, consuming $1.1 cardinal successful Smart Schools funding.

Strough Middle School was Rome’s “canary successful the coalmine,” arsenic it was the archetypal territory gathering to person interactive screens to regenerate projectors. Sullivan reported that the effect from the 75 teachers piloting the usage of the ample touchscreen monitors astatine Strough was “ear-to-ear smiles.”

Sullivan advised that the modulation to Chromebooks was 1 signifier of the 1-to-1 journey, and the equipping of each Rome schoolroom with the interactive, 75-inch touchscreen monitors was the adjacent phase. He shared that the petition has been submitted, but the Smart Schools process tin instrumentality 12 to 14 months for approval, truthful helium expects to person the touchscreens successful each classrooms by soon aft the vacation interruption adjacent schoolhouse year.

Instructional Technology

The territory has committed to providing teachers with touchscreen laptops. The devices let the teacher to manipulate their laptop surface from anyplace successful the schoolroom to enactment with a stylus oregon load to pupil screens oregon the cardinal touchscreen monitor. It eliminates wires and the request for the teacher to beryllium constricted to the beforehand of the schoolroom – they volition beryllium wholly mobile.

“It is giving teachers the enactment to marque the schoolroom what they want,” said Sullivan.

Davis queried Sullivan astir an emerging privation connected the database of teachers being dual monitors.

“The teachers privation 1 show to spot their people and different to spot what they’re presenting,” said Davis.

Sullivan advised that the laptop format does not lend good to feeding into further monitors. The lone mode to fulfill that petition would beryllium dual desktop monitors and, with exertion advancing astatine accelerated pace, his interest was having 800 outdated monitors successful 400 classrooms “collecting dust.”

He shared that papers cameras tin enactment arsenic a second camera connected the laptops, truthful teachers tin amusement their faces arsenic good arsenic a acquisition element, specified arsenic a ruler to measurement something.

More exertion connected platform includes CAMI, which tin crook a insubstantial worksheet into a digital, write-able document, SCREEN PACIFY, which tin person a powerpoint descent amusement into a recorded video, and CLASS LINK, which gathers each of the applications downloaded to a fixed instrumentality onto a dashboard that tin beryllium accessed with 1 username and password.

“None of this would beryllium imaginable if our web wasn’t strong,” said Sullivan. “We presently person a 1-gigabit connection, but we’re moving to upgrade to 10, which volition enactment the fig of Chromebooks and video-based acquisition … which is present to stay.”

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