Save translation file of third party plugin in a custom plugin?

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I person a customized plugin that I instal connected a fistful of lawsuit sites. All the lawsuit sites uses a 3rd enactment premium plugin, and I person translated that plugin to different connection and saved the translation fil successful the /wp-content/languages/loco/plugins folder. So each clip I edit the translation record successful my section installation I person to manually transcript and overwrite the translation record connected each lawsuit site. It works but it takes clip and the hazard of nonaccomplishment and forgetfulness is present!

It would beryllium awesome if it was imaginable to negociate the translation record successful a much automatic/controlled mode eg. redeeming the files successful my customized plugin oregon successful a github repository.

I could of people inquire the developer of the premium plugin to incorporated my translations but I've tweaked the plugin to my liking, nevertheless it doesn't conform to however it was intended. Therefore, it does not marque consciousness to stock my translation with the public.

Is it imaginable to prevention the files successful my customized plugin?


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