Rick and Morty drop more live-action clips, featuring a giant pickle

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Live enactment Rick and Morty

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Life is yet imitating art, with Christopher Lloyd playing the relation of Rick successful a live-action teaser for the coming play of Rick and Morty, a portion that was inspired by his ain Doc Brown quality successful Back to the Future.

A tweet from the Adult Swim relationship this greeting revealed the abbreviated video which besides features a wheezy Morty.

The teaser is abbreviated — lone 14 seconds agelong — and aft the characters measurement retired of a portal determination are 2 lines of dialogue:

Rick: Morty, *burp* we’re home. 

Morty: Oh geez.

An Adult Swim typical told CNET that: “It’s Rick and Morty play 5 finale weekend, and you ne'er cognize what surprises are successful store.”

Lo and behold, Adult Swim dropped 2 much clips, including 1 which features a elephantine pickle.

While Rick and Morty and Back to the Future fans alike anticipation it’s a teaser for a standalone live-action show, it’s apt a portion of the two-part finale that airs connected Sunday nighttime starting astatine 11 p.m. ET.

Updated 12.35 p.m. ET: Added remark from Adult Swim.

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