Problems with FacetWP and Elementor plugins [closed]

2 weeks ago 24

I americium utilizing the FacetWP plugin for WordPress and the Elementor plugin. Currently I americium utilizing Elementor to physique the interface and FacetWP to filter the acf field of posts successful 1 of my post types. My existent Bug is that erstwhile I usage FacetWP successful Elementor’s Archive template to filter my Loop Grid constituent successful Elementor, I crook connected the FacetWP switch connected the Loop Grid arsenic the information root for filtering, and though it is moving decently connected FacetWP, specified arsenic erstwhile I spell done the category’s however acold fastener to filter, it was capable to show however galore articles matched the value, but the Loop Grid did not correctly alteration and show arsenic the effect of being filtered.

I’ve done immoderate testing, some with caller interfaces and with different Elementor components, and my existent buggy operation is utilizing Elementor’s Archive template positive the Loop Grid component. But if I usage a Page and usage the aforesaid layout connected the Page (copied straight from the Archive template), the Loop Grid updates correctly. I tried again, utilizing the Archive template, but utilizing the Archive Posts component, and it besides displays the filtered results correctly.

It’s not wide to maine present wherever the occupation mightiness be.

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