Prime Minister reviews Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System

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A “Make successful India” patented low–cost landslide monitoring strategy reduces harm owed to landslides prediction astatine deployment sites by monitoring upwind and ungraded properties

Mandi: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, reviewed the Landslide Monitoring and Early Warning System developed by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi during his sojourn to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

The instrumentality reduces landslides by predicting the ungraded question successful beforehand and is the lone of its benignant strategy successful the world.

Dr Varun Dutt, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, and Dr K. V. Uday, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering developed the instrumentality that is simply a low-cost alternate to conventionally utilized monitoring systems.

The Landslide Monitoring System provides ungraded question alerts via hooters and blinkers installed connected the roadworthy remotely via substance message. Additionally, the strategy sends rainfall alerts successful beforehand if much than 5 mm of rainfall is predicted. Landslides are predicted 10 minutes earlier they really hap by monitoring changes successful ungraded movement. The strategy besides predicts utmost upwind events with the assistance of artificial quality (AI) and instrumentality learning.

On 27th July 2018, a calamity was averted astatine Kutropi on the Mandi – Joginder Nagar National Highway owed to rains and a flash flood by the system. The strategy issued a informing minutes earlier the disaster. Police stopped postulation earlier the flash flood to debar a large catastrophe from occurring. The roadworthy was washed distant owed to the flash flood, but nary 1 connected the roadworthy was affected owed to the timely warning.

Four patents person been filed connected the developed strategy and it volition beryllium made commercially disposable via a faculty-led startup, Intiot Services Pvt. Ltd., India

The prototypical instrumentality was archetypal deployed successful July-August 2017, astatine an progressive landslide country connected the Gharpa elevation adjacent IIT Mandi’s Kamand campus. The archetypal tract deployment was astatine Kotropi Landslide successful 2018 with enactment from the District Administration astatine Mandi.

Until now, 18 systems person been deployed successful Mandi territory isolated from 3 systems successful Balianala (Nainital district), Uttrakhand; 3 astatine Dharampur on the Kalka – Shimla way of the Indian Railways, and, 3 systems astatine Sirmaur district, Himachal Pradesh. Several different deployments are successful the pipeline successful respective districts successful HP and Maharashtra.

The landslide monitoring strategy is low-cost compared to accepted monitoring systems. The selling terms of the strategy with its sensors and alerting mechanics is astir Rs 1 lakh, which is astir 200 times little than a accepted counterpart that runs into crores of rupees.

Landslides are the 3rd biggest earthy catastrophe successful the world, with India experiencing the biggest bulk of them – 15% of India is prone to landslides. More than 5,000 radical are buried live nether landslides costing the economical losses of much than Rs. 26,000 crores suffered each twelvemonth globally.

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