Paper on ‘Tourism in Kinnaur’ adjusted best in international e-conference

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Bahra University

Solan: A probe insubstantial connected ‘Nichar Community for Creative Tourism’ was ranked champion successful an planetary e-conference connected Gen Next Hospitality (IC GNH) 2021 “Fostering Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

Paper titled “To Investigate the Perception of the Nichar Community for Creative Tourism” was presented by Prof. Vikesh Kashyap and Varun Thakur of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Bahra University.

The insubstantial was adjusted champion nether the Academician/Industry Professional category. The e-conference was organised by the IHM Bhopal connected 7th and 8th October.

Prof. Kashyap confides that his probe enactment has tried to research the cognition of Nichar Community of Kinnaur territory for Creative Tourism.

In this awarded probe insubstantial Local cuisine, Gastronomy, Architecture, Local Art and Craft and taste events were prominently highlighted.  

Little explored enchanted valleys of the mediate Himalayas person immense tourism potential. Tribal districts Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti of Himachal Pradesh person large imaginable to big a bully fig of travellers, however, deficiency of infrastructure posing a hurdle successful welcoming guests.

The tribal territory has besides faced an contented of unregulated tourism of precocious that resulted successful galore untoward incidents.

Tourism has immense scope to make livelihood avenues for the locals successful the untapped tourism sector. And specified probe enactment mightiness assistance policymakers to refine their outlook towards the harsh geographical conditions and reframe the policies for hilly areas for imaginable tourism development.

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