Over 1750 luxury vehicles registered fraudulently, Himachal Govt imposes penalty

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Shimla: Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri revealed that the authorities transport section has identified 1,750 luxury vehicles that person been registered fraudulently successful the state.

“The luxury vehicles were registered successful connivance with officials and touts,” Agnihotri said and further revealed that the transport section has been asked to enforce a punishment of Rs 1 lakh each connected the owners of luxury cars fraudulently registered successful the state. Deputy CM said

“We person directed the Transport Department to instrumentality the last determination connected them. Meanwhile, a punishment of Rs 1 lakh has been imposed connected the luxury car owners.”

Due to the debased authorities tax, luxury vehicles were registered successful Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh has a little taxation complaint for vehicles compared to different states successful India, peculiarly the neighbouring authorities of Punjab.

The authorities authorities is besides taking steps to cheque amerciable Volvo buses being plied successful the state, Deputy CM said.

Agnihotri acknowledged that hundreds of Volvo buses are plying successful the authorities implicit the past 10 years without paying immoderate taxation to the government.

“We are moving connected a imperishable solution to the occupation and person discussed each ineligible issues progressive and are studying a applicable judgement of the Tamil Nadu High Court. In a month’s time, we volition lick this problem.” Deputy CM said.

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