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Automattic,’s genitor company, is location to an unbeatable suite of publishing and tiny concern tools. Jetpack, built into each site, offers performance, security, and maturation tools. WooCommerce is trusted by much than 3.6 cardinal online shops, making it the number-one unfastened root ecommerce level connected the internet. And our precise ain hosting solutions astatine are perfect for freelancers, developers, and agencies alike. 

Today, we’re bringing each those services nether 1 extortion by launching a caller program—one that gives agencies robust tools, dedicated support, and extended resources truthful they tin thrive similar ne'er before. Welcome to Automattic for Agencies

Boost your agency’s gross by streamlining operations via caller multi-site purchasing and absorption tools, opening caller gross streams with our robust referral programme (which includes large bonuses and incentives), and enhancing your lawsuit offerings done re-selling a divers scope of services. With caller measurement discounts for hosting (more connected that below), you tin adjacent prevention wealth portion you instrumentality vantage of our unparalleled enactment and web infrastructure.

Table of contents

  1. What Automattic for Agencies offers 
    1. Elevated earnings
    2. A centralized dashboard for seamless operations
    3. Unparalleled integrated support
    4. Security and assurance with each update
  2. Discounts, incentives, and bonuses—oh my! 
  3. Who is this programme for?
  4. Learn much astir Automattic for Agencies 

What Automattic for Agencies offers 

Elevated earnings

As a valued subordinate of our bureau program, you’ll beryllium capable to notation and resell a suite of Automattic products from hosting to e-commerce solutions, and bask further bonuses for definite products. You’ll person each the tools you request to supercharge your client’s websites and grow your gross streams.

A centralized dashboard for seamless operations

Our all-in-one dashboard has been designed from the crushed up for maximum efficiency. Simplify your billing and tract absorption processes, acquisition and resell products with flexible billing options, and negociate aggregate lawsuit sites with ease.

Unparalleled integrated support

Our integrated enactment strategy spans crossed the Automattic universe, providing your bureau with accordant and cohesive method assistance and driving faster task turnaround times.

Security and assurance with each update

Receive instant notifications astir updates oregon information alerts, and use those updates swiftly to support highest tract show and security.

Discounts, incentives, and bonuses—oh my! 

As a referrer of’s services, your bureau volition person a 20% gross stock connected caller subscriptions and 50% connected caller migrations to from different hosting providers. And done the extremity of July 2024, we’re throwing successful an further $100 bonus for each referred migration. 

We’re besides blessed to present measurement discounts connected hosting. Discounts commencement erstwhile you acquisition a minimum of 3 sites done our program. At 10 sites oregon more, the outgo is conscionable $10/month per site.   

Click present to larn much astir these incentives, arsenic good arsenic those for Jetpack and WooCommerce. 

Who is this programme for?

Automattic for Agencies is tailor-made for agencies that present customized solutions catering to the unsocial demands of their clients. It’s an perfect lucifer for medium-sized agencies offering a afloat spectrum of integer services.

If you’re funny successful earning commissions by recommending Automattic’s products and services to a wider audience, consider joining the Automattic Affiliates program. This programme is particularly beneficial for contented creators, influencers, educators, and anyone funny successful speaking astir Automattic products online.

Learn much astir Automattic for Agencies 

Take the archetypal measurement by mounting up your relationship today. To larn more, sojourn oregon click beneath to use for aboriginal access: 

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