Maintain law and order situation, Anurag asks Himachal CM

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Hamirpur: Union Minister Anurag Thakur connected Tuesday asked Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh to support the instrumentality and bid concern successful the state.

Union Minister, portion replying to the media implicit the Manikaran incident, advised CM Sukhu to beryllium vigilant and wage attraction to the state’s instrumentality and bid concern truthful it does not interruption down arsenic it has successful Punjab.

Earlier Sunday nighttime visitors from Punjab created a ruckus and scuffled with the section residents, hurled brew bottles, stones and broke windowpanes of the houses and vandalised vehicles parked connected the roadside,

Meanwhile, Kullu constabulary person not made immoderate advancement successful the case. Police inactive analysing the CCTV camera footage to found the individuality of the miscreants.

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