MagickHome Expands its India Footprint with an Opulent Home Interior Hub in Coimbatore

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MagickHome, a pioneer successful the location interior domain successful North America, is expanding its India footprint with a 2nd location interior hub successful the state successful Coimbatore. Located connected Trichy Road, the hub was inaugurated connected 15th May 2024. This important measurement comes months aft the brand’s debut hub successful Chennai received an overwhelming response.

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MagickHome offers an exclusive and extended curation of globally acclaimed and award-winning designs for location interiors, including modular kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and furniture. With implicit 30 years of acquisition successful the planetary market, you tin expect thing but the champion from the marque for each your location interior and furnishings needs. MagickHome’s postulation effortlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your homes are some applicable and indulgent wrong your desired budget.

One tin feast their eyes connected the brand’s ravishing world-class offerings astatine some the Chennai and Coimbatore location interior and furnishings hubs oregon they tin bash it astatine the convenience of their homes connected MagickHome India’s website. Clients tin besides petition for a location visit, wherever they tin consult MagickHome’s exceptionally skilled in-house plan squad to alteration their homes conscionable arsenic they person imagined.

Expressing his views connected the launch, Mr. Indrakumar Pathmanathan, CEO and Founder of MagickHome said, “MagickHome is redefining modular location interiors successful India and our Coimbatore section is conscionable 1 stepping chromatic to our broad goal. I proudly denote that on with our enlargement program to antithetic cities successful India, we volition besides beryllium foraying into the furnishings and location dcor vertical to further fulfil our committedness of a broad interior plan acquisition nether 1 roof.”

Explaining however the Coimbatore section came into being, Mr. Ganesen Viswanathan, Vice President, said, “Coimbatore is 1 of the fastest increasing cities of the state and it was an implicit no-brainer to capitalise connected the strategical advantages this concern hub posed. While adjacent proximity to our India office successful Chennai was an vantage successful providing the champion services to our clientele here, the program was to penetrate into this flourishing tier-2 marketplace with the thought of making premium modular interiors disposable and affordable for all. Our Coimbatore section volition decidedly assistance america make a stronghold successful the confederate Indian marketplace successful the adjacent future. And we are besides close connected way to unfastened 30+ hubs crossed the state successful the adjacent 3 years.

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