Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction: Lakers to Win

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Los Angeles Lakers is predicted to triumph tonight’s clash against Golden State Warriors arsenic pr the latest Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction

Los Angeles Lakers volition big the Golden State Warriors tonight, 19th October astatine Staples Center, LA. It is going to beryllium a rematch of the 2021 play-in tournament. The Lakers were palmy successful clinching a playoff spot arsenic they defeated the Warriors.

Tonight it is going to beryllium Steph Curry v/s Lebron James, this rivalry successful itself is simply a saga, 2 talented players, 2 erstwhile champions, 2 MVP’s volition conflict it retired connected NBA play opening day.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction

Los Angeles Lakers

Golden State Warriors

Predicted Winner

Odds: 1.66

Odds: 2.28

Los Angeles Lakers

Spread: -6 (-111)

Spread: +6 (-111)

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction: Recent Form

The host’s Lakers had a engaged off-season. The full roster was shaken, galore players were traded and caller players joined the organization. The biggest signing of this off-season was Russell Westbrook being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. With Westbrook joining forces with Lebron James and Anthony Davis the Lakers are instrumentality favourite this season.

However, this play Lakers volition beryllium starting connected a atrocious enactment arsenic galore players connected the roster are injured. Trevor Ariza, who was signed successful the off-season volition beryllium retired owed to ankle surgery. Talent-Horton Tucker, the rookie volition beryllium retired for 4 weeks. Kendrick Nunn volition besides beryllium not disposable for the play opener.

The preseason was besides precise disappointing for the Laker federation arsenic the Lakers were not capable to triumph a azygous game, 0-6. Out of these 6 losses, 2 came against the Warriors. This is not a bully motion arsenic the Lakers transportation connected precocious hopes and expectations. Lebron had a bully tally successful the preseason, helium scored 30 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds successful the past nonaccomplishment against the Sacramento Kings.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction

The existent Golden State Warriors look wholly other of what the 2015-2019 squad was. The past 2 seasons person been a nightmare for Stev Kerr and the Golden State Warriors. They were not capable to clinch a playoff spot successful some seasons. The astir accoladed squad successful the past decennary saw an upside-down since Klay Thompson was injured.

The shooting guard, the different fractional of the Splash brothers fell down and torn his Achilles successful the Finals of 2019, since past helium hasn’t played a game. The Warriors finished the past play astatine fig 9 position, conscionable abbreviated of grabbing a spot successful the playoffs. Their play ended astatine the hands of Lebron James and the Lakers arsenic they mislaid successful the play-in tournament. The pre-season for Golden State was conscionable perfect, they ended the play 6-0. Steph Curry is successful insane signifier and wants to spot the Golden State Warriors backmost connected the map.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction: Players to Look retired for

Lebron James: The 36-year-old King, astir apt has the highest IQ successful the crippled of basketball. He is coming and coming for everything this season.

Russell Westbrook: Mr. Triple treble did not person the champion preseason with much than 15 turnovers successful 6 games. He finished his past preseason crippled with 18 points, 5 assists,3 rebounds.

Anthony Davis: He near past year’s playoffs with an injury. The preseason for Anthony Davis has been decent. Much is expected retired of the caller unit 360.

Steph Curry: He scored 40 points successful the past preseason crippled against the Trail Blazers. The archetypal unanimous MVP has ever been a threat.

Jordan Pole: The young rookie is helping the team, his shooting looks much refined and this could beryllium a breakout play for him. He scored 16 successful their past win.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction: Head-to-Head

Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors person clashed 426 times successful the regular season. The Lakers person won 257 and the Warriors person 169 times.

The Lakers person won 4 retired of the 5 regular-season matchups. The Warriors person precocious defeated the Lakers doubly successful the preseason.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Odds and Prediction: Match Details

LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors

Scheduled Date and Time: 19 October, 10:30 PM EST

Host Team: LA Lakers astatine Staples Centre

Where to Watch: The nationalist broadcast partners of the NBA are ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBA TV.  For retired of marketplace oregon online viewing usage NBA League Pass.

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