Jammu and Kashmir: Militants hurl grenade upon CRPF-Police team at Main Chowk, Pulwama

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 Militants hurl grenade upon CRPF-Police squad  astatine  Main Chowk Pulwama Source - Twitter

Terrorists contiguous hurled a grenade connected CRPF-Police unit patrolling astatine Rajpura Main Chowk successful Pulwama district. However, the grenade did not deed the people and exploded astatine immoderate region from the information forces, injuring 3 civilians. The injured were admitted to the nearest infirmary immediately. A associated squad of CRPF-Police was checking the information arrangements adjacent Shaheed Park located successful Rajpura Chowk erstwhile abruptly immoderate attackers hurled a grenade astatine them and managed to escape. Meanwhile, SOG, Army and CRPF personnel, who reached the spot arsenic soon arsenic the accusation was received, person started cordoning disconnected the areas astir Rajpura Chowk.

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