iPhone 13 release date: When will we see Apple’s new iPhone?

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The iPhone 13, shown successful this render, could beryllium arriving soon.


Don’t get excessively excited, but we whitethorn person a conjecture for the iPhone 13 merchandise date. After sorting done each the clues and rumors, we expect Apple’s adjacent iPhone, said to beryllium called the iPhone 13, to get soon for the tech giant’s fall event alongside the Apple Watch 7 and AirPods 3. But, support successful caput that we’ve haven’t heard immoderate authoritative details from Apple yet. 

Similar to past year’s announcement of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 lawsuit could beryllium online-only. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman speculated successful his Power On newsletter in July that Apple’s adjacent lawsuit volition beryllium wholly virtual due to the fact that of the tech giant’s rumored determination to delay its instrumentality to in-person work owed to rising COVID-19 cases

Apple primitively said that each employees would beryllium required to travel into the office 3 days a week starting successful September. Gurman says that if Apple stuck with the September clip frame, an in-person iPhone 13 lawsuit would person been “plausible.” Now, helium expects different online-only event. 

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Apple’s 2021 iPhone lawsuit could person a date


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Although the lawsuit whitethorn beryllium each virtual, we’re expecting to spot 4 versions of the caller phone: the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to expert Ming-Chi Kuo. 

Apple’s archetypal lawsuit of 2021 happened successful April, wherever we saw new iPads, colorful iMacs, a purple iPhone 12 and AirTags trackers. Then came WWDC successful June, wherever we caught a archetypal glimpse of iOS 15. And determination was nary connection from Apple connected the iPhone 13 astatine either event.

But nary 1 was expecting the iPhone 13 to beryllium announced that early. So erstwhile tin we expect Apple to unveil its adjacent flagship phones? Apple has yet to hint astatine immoderate iPhone 13 lawsuit date. Based connected Apple’s history, however, we tin typically predict erstwhile the company’s iPhone events volition hap and marque an educated conjecture connected a merchandise day based connected that. 

While the pandemic changed the accustomed people for 2020, marking the archetypal September Apple lawsuit successful 8 years without an iPhone owed to production delays, Kuo predicts that 2021 volition spot a instrumentality to the company’s emblematic cadence. A March 24 report based connected proviso concatenation accusation besides points to a precocious September iPhone 13 merchandise date. And an April report from DigiTimes cited manufacture insiders who said accumulation for the phones’ caller chips is up of schedule, which should enactment the telephone merchandise backmost connected a familiar, pre-COVID timeline. 

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If each of this is true, we tin expect to get a archetypal look astatine the iPhone 13 astatine an lawsuit astatine immoderate constituent successful September.

In a enactment to investors, reported connected by MacRumors, Wedbush Securities expert Daniel Ives revealed that Apple whitethorn beryllium readying to merchandise the iPhone 13 successful “the 3rd week of September.” This would mean immoderate clip betwixt Monday, Sept. 13 and Friday, Sept. 20. 

Apple usually holds its events connected Tuesdays oregon Wednesdays, and iPhone merchandise dates typically are acceptable astir a week and a fractional aft Apple announces caller devices. If this holds existent and Ives is correct, the iPhone 13 could motorboat connected Tuesday, Sept. 14 oregon Wednesday, Sept. 15. 

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iPhone 13 rumor roundup


We besides whitethorn spot the iPhone 13 sooner. A fewer years ago, CNET took a heavy dive into the Apple lawsuit timeline and emerged with a compelling Labor Day hypothesis, which you tin work astir here. Based connected the 2021 calendar, the Labor Day regularisation would enactment the September Apple lawsuit (and the unveiling of the iPhone 13) connected Sept. 8. 

We won’t cognize if this is existent until Apple announces an lawsuit and shows disconnected the phones. But if you privation to program up and prevention up for an iPhone 13, we’d stake connected the September timeline — astatine slightest for now. 

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