I person installed the donation plugin for Wordpress. But the plugin is wholly a catastrophe for the tablet and mobile. I made a batch of changes and I conjecture incorrect too, due to the fact that I can't get a decent effect and it volition instrumentality astatine slightest 10 much CSS changes.

  1. Why are the substance containers of antithetic sizes?

  2. Where I person the email, I resoluteness if I enactment the tiny text. But it doesn't marque immoderate consciousness to alteration the benignant ... How bash I hole it? I tried with connection break, but it besides breaks the bottommost button. It wouldn't beryllium a occupation if the fastener kept the elliptical shape.

  3. The paper is smaller than the containers. From determination you tin spot if I person solved the width problems.

  4. Some texts wrap, but bash not summation the tallness of the buttons.



We consciousness astatine the archetypal answer.


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