How to Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress

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Are you looking to instal Google Tag Manager successful WordPress?

Google Tag Manager lets you adhd tracking codification snippets to your WordPress website. It is simply a escaped instrumentality and allows you to way antithetic idiosyncratic interactions.

In this article, we volition amusement you however to decently instal and acceptable up Google Tag Manager successful WordPress and explicate the benefits.

how to instal  and setup Google Tag Manager successful  WordPress

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is simply a escaped instrumentality by Google that lets you add, update, and negociate codification snippets called tags connected your WordPress site.

Often website owners request to adhd aggregate codification snippets to way their conversions, signifier submissions, nexus clicks, and stitchery different analytical information connected their website. With Google Tag Manager, you tin easy adhd and negociate each of these scripts from a azygous dashboard.

There are built-in tag templates for Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Optimize, DoubleClick, and Google AdSense. The Tag Manager besides works with respective third-party analytics and tracking platforms.

This saves you the clip of adding and removing tags from your codification alternatively than managing it from an casual dashboard. Not to mention, each of these abstracted snippets get loaded successful 1 script.

That said, let’s spot however to adhd Google Tag Manager to WordPress. We volition besides amusement you an alternate method for tracking antithetic idiosyncratic interactions connected your site. The champion part, you don’t person to edit codification oregon acceptable up tags.

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Adding Google Tag Manager successful WordPress

First, you’ll request to sojourn the Google Tag Manager website and click the ‘Start for free’ fastener to motion up.

Google Tag Manager website

After login, you volition travel to the adhd caller relationship page.

Go up and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Create relationship  successful  tag manager

Next, you tin participate a sanction for your relationship and prime a Country from the dropdown menu.

Tag Manager volition besides springiness you the enactment to stock information anonymously with Google. You tin simply click the checkbox and scroll down.

Enter relationship  sanction  and country

Now you request to adhd a instrumentality to your account. A instrumentality could beryllium a website, iOS oregon Android apps, oregon a server. In this case, we volition usage the ‘Web’ option.

You tin usage your site’s domain for the instrumentality name. Once you’re done, click connected the ‘Create’ fastener to continue.

Enter instrumentality  sanction  and prime   platform

You volition present spot a caller model descent successful from the close with the Google Tag Manager presumption of work agreement.

You tin click the checkbox astatine the bottommost to judge the information processing presumption and past click the ‘Yes’ fastener astatine the top.

Accept tag manager   presumption     of agreement

Google Tag Manager volition present make your account.

Next, it volition present amusement you tracking codes that you request to adhd to your site.

Copy tag manager   code

Simply transcript these 2 codes, arsenic you volition request to adhd them to the header and assemblage conception connected your WordPress website.

Adding Google Tag Manager Code to WordPress

The easiest mode of adding codification snippets successful WordPress is utilizing the WPCode plugin. It is the champion WordPress codification snippet plugin and lets you adhd and negociate antithetic customized codes connected your website.

The champion part, you tin get started for free with the WPCode. However, determination is besides a premium mentation that offers much features similar a codification snippet library, conditional logic, auto-insert snippets, and more.

First, you’ll request to instal and activate the escaped WPCode plugin. If you request help, past delight spot our usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you request to sojourn the Code Snippets » Headers & Footers leafage from the WordPress admin panel. Now participate the codes you copied earlier.

Ensure that you paste the <head> codification successful the Header tract and the <body> codification successful the Body field, arsenic you tin spot below.

Add header and assemblage  tag manager   codes

Once you’re done, don’t hide to click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Google Tag Manager is present acceptable to usage connected your WordPress website.

Creating a New Tag successful Google Tag Manager

Next, you tin make a caller tag successful Google Tag Manager and acceptable up tracking connected your WordPress website.

Let’s accidental you privation to adhd Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your WordPress website utilizing Tag Manager.

First, you’ll request to click connected the ‘Add a caller tag’ enactment from your Tag Manager dashboard.

Create a caller   tag

After that, you tin participate a sanction for your tag astatine the top.

From here, simply click connected the ‘Tag configuration’ option.

Enter a rubric  and click tag configuration

Next, Tag Manager volition amusement you antithetic tag types to take from.

For instance, this volition see tags for Google Analytics, Google Ads, Floodlight, and more. We’ll prime ‘Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration’ for this tutorial.

Select a tag type

Next, you volition request to participate the details of your tag.

First, you tin adhd the Measurement ID.

Enter measurement   ID

You tin find the Measurement ID by logging into your Google Analytics account.

Simply caput to the Admin » Data Streams enactment nether the Property column. Go up and click connected your Data Streams to presumption the measurement ID.

Select your information  stream

When a caller model opens, you should spot the Measurement ID successful the apical close corner.

You tin simply transcript the ID.

Copy your Measurement ID

Now caput backmost to the Google Tag Manager model oregon tab, and participate the measurement ID.

After that, you tin scroll down and click connected the ‘Triggering’ option.

Add a trigger

Google Tag Manager volition present amusement built-in triggers to take from.

Go up and prime the ‘Initialization – All Pages’ option.

Select initialization each  leafage   trigger

After selecting the trigger, you volition request to store your settings.

Simply click the ‘Save’ fastener successful the apical close corner.

Save your GA4 tag

You should present spot your recently created tag.

Go up and click the ‘Submit’ fastener to tally the tag.

Preview and taxable   your tag

Set Up Advanced Tracking Using MonsterInsights (Easy Way)

Now that you cognize however to instal and usage Google Tag Manager, you tin usage an easier mode of mounting up precocious tracking connected your WordPress site.

With MonsterInsights, you don’t person to execute analyzable setups successful GTM. It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and automatically configures precocious tracking for you. You besides don’t person to interest astir making a mistake that could messiness up your tracking data.

The champion part, MonsterInsights shows reports wrong your WordPress dashboard. You won’t person to permission your tract to spot its performance. It presents information that matters for your concern and helps uncover insights.

For this tutorial, we volition usage the MonsterInsights Pro mentation due to the fact that it includes precocious tracking features and premium addons. There is besides a MonsterInsights Lite mentation you tin usage to get started for free.

First, you’ll request to instal and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. If you request help, past delight spot our usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you volition spot the MonsterInsights invited screen. You tin click the ‘Launch the Wizard’ fastener and travel the onscreen steps to configure Google Analytics.

Launch setup wizard

For much details, delight spot our usher connected how to instal Google Analytics successful WordPress.

MonsterInsights volition enactment retired of the container and automatically adhd tracking successful Google Analytics.

Here are immoderate of the tracking features the plugin offers:

1. Track Link and Button Clicks

MonsterInsights sets up link click and fastener click tracking retired of the container connected your website. Google Analytics doesn’t way nexus clicks by default, and you’d person to usage GTM to adhd tracking.

For instance, you tin way affiliate show and spot which links users click the most. This way, you tin turn your gross by promoting affiliates that are getting a batch of clicks.

Outbound and affiliate links report

Similarly, the plugin besides tracks outbound nexus clicks. These are links to different websites connected your site. You tin usage this information to spot make caller partnerships, signup for an affiliate program, and make caller contented connected your ain site.

Besides that, MonsterInsights besides helps way telephone links, record downloads, call-to-action (CTA) fastener clicks, and more.

2. Set Up eCommerce Tracking successful WordPress

If you person an online store, past MonsterInsights helps you way its show without editing the tracking publication oregon utilizing Google Tag Manager.

It offers an eCommerce addon that lets you alteration eCommerce tracking successful WordPress successful conscionable a fewer clicks. You tin spot your site’s wide conversion rate, transactions, revenue, mean bid value, top-selling products, and overmuch more.

Ecommerce study  successful  MonsterInsights

For much details, delight spot our usher connected how to decently acceptable up eCommerce tracking successful WordPress.

3. Configure Form Conversions Tracking

With MonsterInsights, you tin besides set up signifier conversion tracking successful Google Analytics. The plugin offers a Forms addon that automatically tracks WordPress forms connected your site.

If you usage Google Tag Manager, past you’d person to make abstracted tags for each your forms and way them successful Google Analytics.

However, MonsterInsights makes this process ace simple. Plus, you tin presumption the information wrong the WordPress dashboard.

Forms report

4. Automatically Enable Scroll Depth Tracking

Ever wonderment however acold radical scroll your web leafage earlier leaving your site? Scroll extent tracking shows precisely that and helps you spot your banner ads and CTAs successful the close spot to boost conversions.

MonsterInsights automatically enables scroll tracking connected your website. There is nary request for further setup utilizing Google Tag Manager oregon modifying the tracking codification astatine all.

Scroll tracking

You tin work our usher connected how to adhd scroll extent tracking successful WordPress with Google Analytics.

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you larn however to instal and setup Google Tag Manager successful WordPress. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our usher connected the eventual usher to WordPress SEO and the best unrecorded chat bundle for tiny businesses.

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