Hocomoco Rebrands to Wehouse, Raises USD 1 million in Pre-Series A Round

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India, 16th May 2022: Hyderabad-based tech-powered operation aggregator, Hocomoco, has precocious rebranded itself to Wehouse and raised USD 1 cardinal from Anthill Ventures and a radical of angel investors successful its archetypal backing round. The backing volition beryllium utilized to upgrade the exertion level and prosecute for cardinal roles successful its enlargement to cities pan-India.

Wehouse is simply a tech aggregator level that facilitates end-to-end operation services, helping customers physique their imagination homes. The startup simplifies the operation process by bringing each entities progressive successful gathering a home, together, nether 1 roof.

It provides end-to-end services from ineligible permissions, architectural structural design, and operation execution to interiors and monitoring services. It besides offers e-monitoring, which enables customers to cheque the advancement of the enactment and worldly depletion on-site done photos and videos of work, and notifications. Thus, providing a surveillance-secured task tract to forestall theft and harm passim the project.

Speaking astir the backing and the rebranding, Sripad Nandiraj, Co-Founder and CEO, Wehouse, said, “Reinventing is an important portion of keeping a firm entity applicable and aligned with its entrenched entrepreneurial ethos.

Our caller sanction embodies our concern and idiosyncratic worldview. It means we, arsenic a institution and our clients, are gathering their imagination location unneurotic arsenic a family. Our caller backing is an denotation that we are moving successful the close direction, and it gives america immense pleasance that investors are showing religion successful our marque and traction frankincense far.

The backing volition beryllium utilized to bolster our tech and premier america for scalability. Currently, much than 2000 workers are indirectly employed connected antithetic projects crossed Wehouse’s projects. We privation to support expanding this fig and springiness these workers much jobs arsenic we grow.”

Sailesh Sigatapu, Partner astatine Anthill Ventures said, “We are thrilled to put successful Wehouse. As a company, they are redefining however exertion is being applied to operation and home-building, and we are excited by their imaginativeness and innovation successful this space.

We firmly judge that a startup similar Wehouse with its technology-first attack and heavy domain expertise has a ample accidental to signifier this fragmented market. This is conscionable the opening of our bold stake successful this space, arsenic we look guardant to the motorboat of the archetypal cohort of Gruhas ASPIRE, a scaling programme for early-stage proptech companies successful India.”

The operation manufacture is expected to turn from $250 cardinal successful 2022 to $530 cardinal successful 2027, with a compound yearly maturation complaint of 7.8% and Wehouse aims to seizure a just stock of this increasing market. The caller backing comes connected the heels of a important commercialized milestone of Wehousecompleting 1 cardinal quadrate feet of built-up area. They are slated to interaction INR 100 Cr of booked gross successful the adjacent fewer months.

About Wehouse: Wehouse is simply a tech-powered operation aggregator level that facilitates end-to-end operation services, helping its customers physique their imagination homes. The level takes attraction of the ineligible permissions, architectural structural design, operation execution, interiors, and monitoring services. The startup intends to simplify the operation process by bringing unneurotic each entities progressive successful the home-building phase. Wehouse is established connected the 4T idea, which stands for Transparency, Time Saving, Tracking, and Adoption of Technology.

Founded successful 2017, the instauration down Wehouse’s pioneering proptech model is to betterment the mode operation is presently being done. The level enables customers to physique their homes from scratch by connecting them to the champion partners successful the operation industry.

By pooling the champion partners, they are creating the astir seamless level that tin assistance successful the operation of imagination homes for its patrons. The spearhead starring the helm astatine Wehouse is Mr. Sripad Nandiraj, the Founder and CEO. Under the industrious team, the institution has successfully completed 200+ projects and has a built-up country of 1 cardinal quadrate feet.

Manifesting an overarching attitude, Wehouse presents a precise project-agnostic stance. The company’s trailblazing bouquet of offerings genuinely demonstrates a one-stop store for each operation concerns and requirements.

The stack of services includes residential construction, commercialized construction, assistance successful task management, assiduous architecture and structuring, and interior designing and styling of astute homes. All of this is orchestrated done the best-aggregated partners disposable connected their platform.

The doctrine ingrained wrong Hocomoco is to betterment the operation travel of their customers. The institution employs a tremendously transparent workflow wherever a five-point process is followed. This process entails knowing lawsuit requirements, mapping costs, providing scheduled visits for the task owners, creaseless enactment execution, and hassle-free delivery.

Client restitution is cardinal to the company’s being, truthful an e-monitoring installation has besides been integrated wrong the platform. This diagnostic enables customers to cheque the advancement of enactment and worldly depletion online. It besides provides a surveillance-secured task tract to forestall theft and damage, photos and videos of work, and notifications to pass enactment advancement passim the project.

The company’s imaginativeness is to go India’s largest one-stop integrated tech-based operation aggregator level for each residential gathering requirements. Sitting squarely astatine the intersection of technology’s merger with proficient operation aggregation, Wehouse is providing the right prime for the close price and redefining construction.

The marque wishes to supply a web that allows customers to destruct their footwork and marque everything disposable with a azygous click. They are much than conscionable mediators successful the process of location construction; they are contiguous astatine each and each measurement until the extremity effect is successfully achieved.

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