Himachal Weather Update: Heavy Rain in Kullu, Intense Heat in Una

2 weeks ago 18

Kullu — The upwind has taken a melodramatic crook successful galore parts of Himachal Pradesh, with dense rainfall soaking Kullu connected Wednesday afternoon, bringing a noticeable driblet successful somesthesia and much-needed alleviation from the caller heat. Meanwhile, the authorities superior Shimla experienced a premix of airy clouds and sunshine today, providing a pleasant respite.

According to the Meteorological Department, respective areas successful the authorities are expected to person rainfall today. A yellowish alert has been issued, informing of imaginable thunderstorms implicit the adjacent 3 days. The rainy spell is anticipated to persist crossed assorted regions of Himachal Pradesh until June 8, aft which the upwind is expected to wide up statewide starting June 9.

In stark contrast, Una is experiencing aggravated sunshine. On Tuesday, a vigor question swept done Una, Mandi, and Bhuntar, pushing temperatures supra 40 degrees Celsius successful Una, Neri, and Dhaulkuan. The soaring temperatures person near residents grappling with utmost vigor conditions.

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