Google Font wont dequeue, wordpress

1 week ago 14

im having an contented getting 1 of the google fonts to dequeue connected my site

Ive done each the reading, and one tin spot it needs to beryllium dequeued aft its been called, but earlier its been printed, but one cant fig retired however to find that info? one besides cant enactment retired which plugin is making the call?

this is the codification one person enactment successful my kid functions.php

function remove_google_fonts_stylesheet() { wp_dequeue_style( 'googleFontsOpenSans' ); wp_dequeue_style( 'google-fonts-1' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'remove_google_fonts_stylesheet', 12 );

it worked large for the "opensans" font, but the "google-fonts-1" which is really roboto, wont look to spell distant nary substance what changes one make.


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