Google Font wont dequeue

1 week ago 10

I'm having an contented getting 1 of the google fonts to dequeue connected my tract

I've done each the reading, and I tin spot it needs to beryllium dequeued aft its been called, but earlier its been printed, but I cant fig retired however to find that info?
I besides cant enactment retired which plugin is making the call?

This is the codification I person enactment successful my kid functions.php

function remove_google_fonts_stylesheet() { wp_dequeue_style( 'googleFontsOpenSans' ); wp_dequeue_style( 'google-fonts-1' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'remove_google_fonts_stylesheet', 12 );

It worked large for the "opensans" font, but the "google-fonts-1" which is really roboto, won't look to spell distant nary substance what changes I make.

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