Glow by Kirtilals Shines Bright with Grand Opening of its New Showroom at VR Chennai Mall

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Glow – Versatile Diamond Jewellery by Kirtilals, is delighted to denote the expansive opening of its 3rd showroom successful VR Chennai Mall, pursuing the palmy openings of showrooms successful Bangalore and Thrissur. The inauguration ceremony, held connected 2nd June, was graced by the beingness of the talented and beloved actress, Mamitha Baiju. This milestone marks a important enlargement for the esteemed jewelry brand, bringing its unparalleled diamond jewellery postulation person to the hearts of the discerning customers successful Chennai. The caller showroom is located astatine G-468, Ground Floor, VR Chennai mall, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Glow by Kirtilals astatine VR Chennai inaugurated by Actress Mamitha Baiju on with Suraj Shantakumar, Director – Business Strategy, Kirtilals, Muthukumar, Vice President, Kirtilals

GLOW by Kirtilals offers world-class diamond jewellery successful a wide array of designs, with a bequest and acquisition of much than 8 decades successful creating premium diamond jewellery. Glow represents a solemnisation of empowered women, designed with their dynamic lifestyles and individuality successful mind. The caller Glow by Kirtilals showroom successful Chennai offers versatile, lightweight diamond jewellery that complements the modern womans elegance, confidence, and achievements.

“I americium thrilled to beryllium a portion of the expansive opening of Glow by Kirtilals caller showroom successful Chennai,” expressed Mamitha Baiju. “The brands committedness to crafting lightweight, versatile & innovative jewelry pieces that exude elegance and sophistication is genuinely commendable. I americium excited to witnesser firsthand the stunning postulation and stock successful the joyousness of this peculiar juncture with the radical of Chennai.”

“We are arrogant to unveil our latest showroom successful the vibrant metropolis of Chennai,” said Suraj Shantakumar, Director – Business Strategy, Kirtilals.From a concern perspective, this enlargement not lone signifies our committedness to reaching caller markets but besides reflects our strategical imaginativeness for maturation and innovation. As we unfastened our doors successful Chennai, we are poised to connection our exceptional postulation of jewelry to a wider audience, further solidifying our presumption arsenic a person successful the industry.”

“Our absorption astatine Glow is to redefine the jewelry acquisition for the modern pistillate by offering versatile and lightweight pieces that effortlessly complement her dynamic lifestyle,” said Seema Mehta,Director-Creative, Kirtilals.“We recognize the value of jewelry that seamlessly transitions from time to night, from casual to formal, providing some benignant and comfort. Our postulation embodies this ethos, offering a scope of exquisitely crafted pieces that empower women to explicit their individuality with easiness and grace.”

The institution has a state-of-the-art Diamond Jewellery manufacturing portion established successful 1992 astatine Coimbatore which engages much than 500 professionals. The institution has besides established an exclusive manufacturing portion dedicated to Glow. This bespoke manufacturing portion embodies Glow’s committedness to excellence, utilizing cutting-edge exertion and artisanal craftsmanship to bring each portion to life.

About Kirtilals
Kirtilals is simply a highly reputed and renowned shaper and retailer of Fine Diamond & Gold jewellery. Kirtilals travel commenced successful 1939 successful Coimbatore with its archetypal retail store offering the finest prime of diamond and golden jewellery successful intricate designs. Today the marque has expanded its beingness crossed South India and the USA, with 14 exclusive showrooms and an online level with planetary standards of prime and unsocial designs. While caller technologies and the innovative tone person made the marque applicable to the younger generation, what has remained unchanged is the spot and credibility created and cherished implicit 4 generations of Clientele.

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