Getting no Error Log File saved to my local directory, and no debug info displayed in the web browser

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I person installed WordPress connected my Ubuntu Server 20.04 VM (host instrumentality runs Linux Mint 19). I've capable to presumption wp-admin and the illustration website without issue. I'm utilizing Firefox to entree wp-admin, the browser is up to date, and the browser clears the cache/history each clip I adjacent it.

When I click Themes successful wp-admin, the leafage opens conscionable fine. But erstwhile I click Add New, a advancement barroom keeps spinning, and past I get the pursuing message:

An unexpected mistake occurred. Something whitethorn beryllium incorrect with oregon this server’s configuration.

I recovered another StackExchange post that suggests adding immoderate lines to the wp-config.php file, truthful that I could debug my issue. I've added these lines, saved the file, ran sudo work apache2 restart for bully measure, closed the browser, past reopened it. I didn't get immoderate log info posted successful the browser, and I don't spot immoderate log files saved successful the wp-content directory.

I besides recovered another StackExchange post that suggested I instal the Core Control plugin. But erstwhile I spell to Add Plugins successful wp-admin, I get the aforesaid mistake message.

So I can't adhd a caller WordPress theme, and I can't debug the contented utilizing WordPress tools either.

Please cognize I'm a opening engineer, with airy acquisition with html/css, python, and bash. I'd admit immoderate assistance I'm capable to get. Thanks!

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