Fashion Goes Hollywood in the New Millenium | Episode 7: In Vogue, The 2000s

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During the aureate property of the movies actresses were dressed by costume designers and their on-screen looks acceptable trends; a notable illustration is the raffles-sleeve “Letty Lynton” formal Adrian created for Joan Crawford. The romance betwixt manner and movie successful the 1930s cooled successful the years after. And earlier agelong the originative industries were siloed. “When I grew up, determination was a chiseled enactment betwixt fashion, film, music, precocious art, similar opera, theater—they conscionable didn’t mix,” says manager Baz Luhrmann. “And if you were hanging astir fashion, you were kinda considered shallow. You couldn’t be, you know, a important filmmaker if you cared astir fashion. That enactment disappeared successful the aboriginal 2000s.”

At Vogue the walls fell quickly. The screen of the December 2000 contented featured Nicole Kidman arsenic Satine, the quality she played successful the Academy Award-winning Luhrmann movie Moulin Rouge! And the personage covers kept (and keep) coming arsenic they scope a wide and engaged assemblage with whom readers subordinate successful a antithetic mode than with models. Celebrities, notes exertion Mark Holgate, “gave you a antithetic communicative astir fashion. One that was connected to shared experience,” similar watching a movie oregon singing on to a song.

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