Electric Airport Taxis from Refex eVeelz Begin Operations at Bengaluru Airport

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A caller fleet of electrical conveyance (EV) Airport Taxis from Refex eVeelz by Refex Group’s Green Mobility vertical has been introduced astatine the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru contiguous to people the World Environment Day. The caller EV fleet comprises 175 compact SUVs and comes successful 2 colours – teal and pink.

Hari Marar, MD & CEO, BIAL and Anil Jain, MD, Refex Group on with different officials astatine the emblem disconnected Electric Airport Taxis from Refex eVeelz statesman operations astatine Bengaluru Airport

Sharing much details astir the sustainability initiatives, Hari Marar, Managing Director & CEO of Bangalore International Airport Ltd, said, “At BIAL, our committedness to biology sustainability drives america to continually innovate. The instauration of the EV taxi fleet and the histrion planting thrust are important strides towards reducing our c footprint and enhancing the greenish spaces wrong the airport. As galore arsenic 100 trees person been planted successful the field showcasing our dedication to nurture and revitalise the surroundings and besides make greener spaces. With a beardown absorption connected providing sustainable ecological solutions, these dual initiatives volition positively lend to the ecosystem and amended the wide acquisition for the passengers and the section community.”

Passengers tin publication the caller EV Taxis, either astatine the airdrome taxi stands successful some terminals oregon done the BLR Pulse mobile application. While the teal-coloured SUVs echoes BLR Airport’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, the pinkish ones are for pistillate passengers, besides operated by pistillate drivers. As an enhanced information measure, each pistillate rider is provided with a ‘Pink Card’ with interaction numbers of work manager, section constabulary and ambulance services.

Speaking connected the occasion, Anil Jain, Managing Director, Refex Group said, “Refex’s Green Mobility vertical is connected a ngo to supply reliable, harmless and cleaner options of commute done Refex eVeelz. Our 100% institution owned and leased EV fleet, our operator partners, and our processes supply a harmless and eco affable commuting experience.”

With Refex eVeelz fleet successful action, implicit 50 percent of the fleet astatine the airdrome has go electric. The c emissions from the BLR airdrome volition beryllium reduced drastically and this volition beryllium beneficial to the contiguous airdrome surroundings and beyond.

Bangalore International Airport Ltd continues to enactment towards attaining its semipermanent imaginativeness of transitioning each vehicles astatine BLR Airport to sustainable options. The palmy implementation of semi-robotic craft towering vehicles and EV vehicles connected some airside and landside is contributing to broader biology goals, fostering a greener aboriginal for all.

About Refex eVeelz

Refex eVeelz by Refex Green Mobility Limited is 1 of India’s all-electric 4-wheeler fleet which has been launched successful Bengaluru. They connection 100% EV fleet, drivers, infrastructure and exertion for a harmless commuting experience. Refex Green Mobility Limited (RGML) & Refex EV Fleet Services Private Ltd. (REVFSPL) unneurotic represent Refex Group’s Green Mobility vertical, which is 1 of India’s starring concern organisations serving aggregate concern verticals. Within a abbreviated span since its motorboat successful March 2023, Refex eVeelz has covered much than 75 lakh kilometres which translates to abating astir 3.75 lakh kgs of CO2 equivalent. The end-to-end monitoring via a command-and-control centre and the tech-based routing, alerts, and notification are immoderate of its cardinal features. Refex eVeelz offers e-mobility solution to passengers (corporates and individuals) 100% electrical vehicles, exertion level and enactment teams.

About Refex

Refex Group is 1 of India’s starring concern organizations that started arsenic a Refrigerant Gas refilling and bottling company, and has present been operating for implicit 2 decades expanding into Renewables, Ash and Coal handling, Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Green Mobility, Airports and Transportation, among different specified concern verticals. It has been a 21-year travel of learning, serving stakeholders, gathering resilience, and agility that Refex has traversed wherever it has aimed for excellence. The organisation relies connected a beardown instauration of principles specified arsenic integrity, diversity, dedication, commitment, and competitiveness, and keeps its customers’ and shareholders’ involvement astatine the core.

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