Don’t Expect Xbox VR As Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Says Xbox Is “Focused On Software”

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Virtual world is an ever-growing level that enables radical to play games successful caller ways. It brings america experiences we wouldn’t beryllium capable to acquisition otherwise, specified arsenic playing done Valve's Half-Life: Alyx, and it gives america caller ways to play aged classics, similar Resident Evil 4 VR connected the Oculus Quest 2

While virtual world continues to grow successful the gaming space, it’s obscurity adjacent arsenic fashionable arsenic accepted video crippled console experiences, and it’ll apt stay that mode for now. That’s wherefore Xbox is remaining committed to software, alternatively than hardware specified arsenic virtual reality, this generation, according to Xbox caput Phil Spencer. 

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“I deliberation that the hardware innovation that’s happening is large and it’s an important enabler, [but] close now, I’m deciding to enactment much successful the bundle broadside of that enablement,” Spencer said during the Wall Street Journal Tech Live event, arsenic reported by Video Games Chronicle. “I judge it volition standard amended successful the agelong run.” 

This falls successful enactment with Spencer and each of Xbox’s committedness to Xbox Game Pass this console generation. Just today, Xbox announced that Age of Empires 4, The Forgotten City, and much would beryllium coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, bolstering the service’s already massive lineup of games yet again. 

Spencer adjacent nodded to Sony’s PlayStation VR hardware during the WSJ Tech Live event, citing that helium applauds what Sony, Oculus, and Valve are doing successful the VR space. 

“[We’re] gonna enactment arsenic a institution close present successful the user abstraction focused connected software, and I deliberation that’s a bully bet,” helium said. 

The Xbox caput besides alluded to the information that galore VR hardware platforms usage Microsoft-developed Windows, truthful successful a way, VR experiences are making their mode to consumers of Microsoft products. Spencer said they “talk to a batch of partners that are there,” too.

Do you deliberation Xbox should leap into the virtual world space? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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