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Mark, 63, Milton Keynes

Occupation Retired IT and prime manager
Voting record The archetypal floating voter: past clip Mark voted Green; connected societal issues helium says he’s centre oregon near of centre; connected economical issues centre oregon centre-right
Amuse bouche Won a nationalist centrifugal racing title a fewer years ago

Julian, 55, Milton Keynes


Occupation Taking a year’s sabbatical from enactment aft country for cancer
Voting record Mainly Lib Dem, but successful the past section elections helium spoiled the ballot insubstantial “because I was truthful disheartened with everybody”
Amuse bouche In his youth, Julian excessively tried to beryllium a racing driver, “but I was overmuch amended astatine raising the wealth than really doing the racing”

For starters

Mark He voted remain, I voted leave, but I’m not 1 of these radical who thinks the EU is simply a implicit discarded of clip and things were massively amended successful oregon out. For maine the 2 main issues were not having to travel EU laws and regulations that we deliberation are not successful our interests, and being capable to acceptable our ain level of immigration.

Julian He said migration takes distant from the bottommost of the pyramid due to the fact that radical travel present and bash jobs astatine a little rate. And I benignant of agreed with him, but you’re taking a precise utmost presumption by saying we’re going to chopped our state of movement. We’ve chopped ourselves disconnected from the radical who travel present and enrich our culture.

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Mark I utilized to beryllium a foster parent, and I person a household subordinate who works successful societal housing. Many services are struggling and determination are a batch of radical successful hard circumstances. I can’t spot however expanding the colonisation by much than a 4th of a cardinal a year, oregon immoderate it was earlier Brexit, is going to bash thing but marque that worse. Immigration should beryllium little – 50,000 to 100,000 – and based connected jobs that are successful abbreviated supply.

Mark and Julian

The large beef

Julian I deliberation the nationalist lottery is simply a taxation connected the poorest radical successful society. As a Christian, I’m not successful favour of gambling – I don’t deliberation that’s what we are called to do.

Mark I’m a spot biased due to the fact that I utilized to enactment for Camelot. We would spot the large winners get astatine the office and you could spot it made a monolithic quality to their lives.

Julian The lottery justifies itself by being bully for society, but erstwhile you look astatine who funds it, it’s the poorest successful nine desperately trying to lick their problems by winning the lottery. I consciousness that it’s fundamentally wrong.

Mark The sums of wealth raised for bully causes are vast. Some of that goes to humble things – they mightiness bargain philharmonic instruments for a municipality band, oregon renovate a location that a celebrated idiosyncratic lived in. And it’s regulated. You’re not allowed to wage connected a recognition card, lone a debit paper – that’s to halt radical getting into debt.

Julian There are different ways of raising money. I’ve worked successful the philanthropic assemblage for 8 years and determination is plentifulness of wealth if you cognize wherever to look for it.

Mark and Julian

Sharing plate

Mark On the climate, we agreed determination needed to beryllium much incentives to get radical to change. Where I live, rather a fewer radical person star panels and electrical cars – but if it’s lone 5% oregon 10% of the colonisation it’s not going to marque overmuch difference.

Julian I had a 10-year-old diesel. I couldn’t spend to spell electrical truthful I changed it for a Ulez-compliant diesel, with little than a 4th of the emissions, yet my roadworthy taxation is £300 much due to the fact that it’s a caller car. Instead of sticks you request carrots.

Mark and Julian

For afters

Mark I wouldn’t beryllium upset if the royal household were conscionable abolished and had to spell and unrecorded successful an mean location and not person fancy titles, though it’s utile to person a non-political caput of state.

Julian Look into the royal household and you realise that things similar the Duchy of Cornwall marque a profit, truthful Prince Charles and his unit don’t drain the nationalist purse. And he’s done large things with the Prince’s Trust.

Mark and Julian


Mark It’s bully to person a meaty, in-depth treatment and find differences but support it constructive and pleasant.

Julian A disagreement is not arsenic wide erstwhile you conscionable face-to-face arsenic it is erstwhile you conscionable online. Bringing radical unneurotic is simply a large mode to make constructive dialogue, particularly erstwhile you disagree: sermon creates solutions.

Mark and Julian

Additional reporting: Naomi Larsson

Mark and Julian ate astatine Brasserie Blanc, Milton Keynes

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