Connect my WordPress site users to my public site account without showing my public site credentials

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I person WordPress website and I privation my site's users to link immoderate different nationalist website's relationship utilizing my nationalist account's credentials without showing them to my credentials.

I explicate much with an example. I person my WordPress website called and I person my idiosyncratic relationship of immoderate nationalist website similar with my idiosyncratic credentials similar username and password. I privation my websites users to nonstop (or immoderate link fastener successful their relationship which utilized to) login to my website's my relationship without showing my credentials similar username and password.

I got an reply from Manoj Vasshist arsenic below...

Approches :

you tin directy enactment login nexus connected of your xyz website to abc website oregon vice versa.

Use iframe to unfastened you login are successful different website.

3.Use authentication cardinal with encryption connected login leafage of abc web tract and redirect with xyz website with auth cardinal based connected auth cardinal you nonstop login connected site.

I person tried my level champion but I didn't spell done it.

But I americium not that tech feline I americium beginner. So, tin anyone archer maine however to bash the aforesaid oregon measurement by measurement immoderate nexus oregon video oregon web leafage oregon nexus oregon thing other method to bash the same.

Thanks successful advance.


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