Harrod Makes Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Fall 2021 Dean’s List

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WORCESTE – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has announced that Kirsten Harrod, of Framingham, a subordinate of the people of 2023 majoring successful Industrial Engineering (BS), was named to the university’s Dean’s List for world excellence for the autumn 2021 semester.

A full of 2,054 undergraduate students achieved the criteria required for WPI’s autumn 2021 Dean’s List. The criteria for the WPI Dean’s List differs from that of astir different universities arsenic WPI does not compute a people constituent mean (GPA). Instead, WPI defines the Dean’s List by the magnitude of enactment completed astatine the A level successful courses and projects.

“WPI’s world programs are rigorous and necessitate a level of independency beyond what is required successful accepted courses. WPI students enactment connected open-ended problems for communities astir the world. The problems are important and the interaction is real” said dean of undergraduate studies Arthur C. Heinricher. “Some of this nation’s champion and brightest students travel to WPI to survey engineering and subject and concern and the humanities. Those named to the Dean’s List person excelled successful each of their work, and we are exceptionally arrogant of these outstanding students.”

WPI, a planetary person successful project-based learning, is simply a distinctive, top-tier technological assemblage founded successful 1865 connected the rule that students larn astir efficaciously by applying the mentation learned successful the schoolroom to the signifier of solving real-world problems. Recognized by the National Academy of Engineering with the 2016 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation successful Engineering and Technology Education, WPI’s pioneering project-based program engages undergraduates successful solving important scientific, technological, and societal problems passim their acquisition and astatine much than 50 task centers astir the world. WPI offers much than 70 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral grade programs crossed 17 world departments successful science, engineering, technology, business, the societal sciences, and the humanities and arts. Its module and students prosecute groundbreaking probe to conscionable ongoing challenges successful wellness and biotechnology; robotics and the net of things; precocious materials and manufacturing; cyber, data, and information systems; learning science; and more. 

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