Change the order of tabindex on focus at a form

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I person a signifier aforesaid arsenic connected the attached representation but: Using php template for the signifier successful order. The archetypal 2 fields are added to the template fields. The 2nd 2 are customized fields. The email tract is added to the template/. The Organization tract is besides a customized field.

On the signifier PHP record the bid of the fields is arsenic follows: 2 archetypal fields, past customized fields shortcode, and past the email field.

I did a reordering of the fields utilizing SCSS truthful to support the 2 customized fields earlier the email but to determination the past customized field- Organization to the extremity of the form.

Now the tab scale moves the cursor to absorption connected the fields connected the mode - tract 1, tract 2, tract 3, tract 4, tract 6, and tract 5. So the past tract is the email tract arsenic to however I said supra connected the PHP template the customized tract shortcode is added earlier the email tract and each the clip Organization tract has a tab scale little than the email field.

I would similar to cognize is determination a mode to not determination the email tract presumption earlier the customized fields, but with JavaScript/jQuery to alteration the tab scale bid and the email fields to beryllium connected absorption earlier the Organization field. So the bid to beryllium tract 1, tract 2, tract 3, tract 4, tract 5, and tract 6.

What I tried - I adhd a tab scale successful immoderate imaginable mode I cognize with static scale property but it adds the little tab scale to the Organization tract than connected the email field. The Organization tract is portion of the customized fields with the different 2 customized fields Country and Zipcode. The customized fields shortcode is displayed connected the PHP template earlier the email tract but I moved the Organization tract presumption with SCSS aft the email field. i


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