Can Solana Reach $500 or even 200?

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Can Solana scope $500? Solana is present supra $25, volition it scope 500 someday?

Can Solana scope $200 again?

Latest Solana Price

Solana reached an all-time precocious of $259 successful November 2021. Solana is down 90% from an all-time high. The 2 questions successful the minds of investors are

  • Can Solana scope $200 again?
  • Will it bash adjacent amended and tin Solana scope $500?

Can Solana scope $200 again? The Investment Case

We evaluated Solana connected show metrics connected aggregate usage cases, this is what we found

  • DeFi – Present – Ranked 12th – Not Competitive
  • Gaming – Present – Not Ranked – Not Competitive
  • Payments – Not Present
  • NFT- Ranked 2nd- Very Competitive

In short, dissimilar accidental Ethereum oregon Matic, Solana appears to beryllium a specializer NFT focussed blockchain. It leads Cardano some successful NFTs and DeFi. Yet, Cardano enjoys a Market Cap astir 50% higher. So 1 of the pursuing is true, Cardano is overvalued, oregon Solana is undervalued. Given that Solana crashed aggregate times owed to information issues arsenic good arsenic during the FTX crisis, 1 tin accidental that the chances of Solana being undervalued are rather high.


Can Solana scope $200 again?

It is 1 happening to beryllium undervalued, different to emergence 9x. Our forecasts for Tesla are a 7x aggregate implicit the adjacent 8 years. And Tesla is simply a wealth instrumentality portion Solana is not. So astatine a conceptual level, it looks hard for Solana to scope $200 again adjacent if it crashed from that level a twelvemonth ago. Here are different reasons wherefore it volition beryllium hard for Solana to scope $200 again

  • The liquidity situation successful November 2021 was antithetic owing to the COVID pandemic. We are improbable to person a akin situation anytime successful the adjacent future
  • In 2021, Solana was a promising caller Coin, In 2023 we person a bully thought of its strengths and weaknesses, truthful the accusation disposable is amended present and investors are capable to amended worth the Coin. It is nary much regarded arsenic the ‘Ethereum Killer’
  • Given the clang of the past 12 months, tons of Tokens are disposable astatine debased prices, and usage cases are improving, truthful Solana volition beryllium competing for caput abstraction and cash

Still, if 1 were to presume 30% maturation (Tesla is astatine astir 30-40%%), Solana could scope $200 by the extremity of this decade. It sounds rather acold disconnected but it would beryllium a precise bully investment. It could turn faster if Technology changes propulsion the adoption of blockchains and NFT usage becomes commonplace (Like your Grandmother utilizing a smartphone). To close, we bash deliberation adjacent successful these changed circumstances, the accidental of Solana reaching $200 is mean if not impossible.

Can Solana Reach $500?

At $500, Solana’s Market Cap would beryllium 20% higher than Ethereum’s Market Cap today. Ethereum reached this level successful astir 5 years, truthful successful Theory, Solana could easy emergence to $500. However, determination are immoderate barriers

  • Ethereum built a immense astute contracts basal by enabling the motorboat of galore ERC-20-based Tokens successful the market. However, Solana has nary specified parallel.
  • Ethereum rapidly established itself arsenic a marketplace person successful DeFi and NFTs, Solana is conscionable 2nd successful NFTs and a region 12th successful DeFi
  • Lastly, dissimilar Ethereum, Solana has to contend with galore competitors and specialists (Cardano, Matic, Tron and BNB)

Given the differing environments and competitory advantage, Solana is improbable to find it casual to scope $500. Even if we presume Solana rises astatine a mean 25% per annum, it would instrumentality Solana 14 years to scope $500. Long-term forecasts thin to beryllium imperfect and unreliable. As things basal today, we don’t deliberation Solana tin scope $500. Should determination beryllium changes successful the situation that payment Solana, this would go a much realistic possibility.

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and information from each implicit the nett and has nary in-house presumption connected the apt trends successful the Index oregon Individual Stocks. Please consult a registered concern advisor to usher you connected your fiscal decisions. 

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