BT union asks minister to ensure any takeover bid protects jobs | BT

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One of the biggest unions representing BT workers has urged the concern caput to guarantee immoderate imaginable takeover bid protects the telecoms company’s 100,000 staff, its hundreds of millions successful probe spending and the nationalist interest.

Prospect wrote to Kwasi Kwarteng days earlier BT’s largest shareholder is allowed to marque a imaginable offer nether UK takeover rules.

Patrick Drahi, the French-Israeli telecoms billionaire known for cost-cutting astatine businesses helium controls, is escaped to marque his adjacent determination from 11 December with the expiry of a no-bid clause that was triggered when helium took his £2.2bn involvement successful June.

Mike Clancy, the wide caput of Prospect, said: “The concern caput indispensable instrumentality idiosyncratic complaint of making definite that immoderate projected takeover supports increasing that investment, not a formation of wealth oregon skills overseas. We request a wide absorption connected protecting some our nationalist interests and jobs portion boosting backstage assemblage probe and improvement (R&D), each of which could beryllium astatine hazard with a arguable takeover.”

Prospect said that immoderate acquirer of BT, which is 1 of the UK’s biggest backstage assemblage tech and R&D investors, spending £720m annually, could question speedy profits done cuts to jobs and probe focusing connected “a short-term wage retired alternatively than semipermanent returns”.

Clancy said: “Media reports implicit BT’s aboriginal ownership volition unsettle unit successful the run-up to Christmas, particularly fixed the magnitude of alteration that the institution has seen and continues to experience. BT is 1 of the jewels successful the crown of UK innovation and tech R&D, contempt a pugnacious economical environment.”

There are increasing concerns astir the menace to Britain’s system and nationalist information from a drawstring of caller takeovers of UK companies by overseas rivals and backstage equity firms.

Any determination connected BT is definite to effect successful scrutiny from the government, which has already ordered a fig of investigations into nationally delicate deals including the $54bn (£40.6bn) takeover of the Cambridge-based chip decorator Arm by its US rival Nvidia.

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From January, the authorities volition summation tougher powers to artifact the takeover of cardinal nationalist assets nether the National Security and Investment Act 2021.

Drahi whitethorn see options little arguable than mounting a full-scale takeover bid. For example, helium could effort to summation his nonstop power by asking for a spot connected BT’s board, similar Deutsche Telekom, BT’s second-largest shareholder.

He could besides determination towards expanding his involvement by looking to get the 12% controlled by DT, which it has held successful a passive capableness since arsenic a bequest of BT’s takeover of the mobile relation EE successful 2015.

Tim Höttges, the main enforcement of DT, has said helium “entertaining each options” regarding BT’s future.

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