bolsonaro: Brazil president should face homicide charges for mishandling Covid

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BRASILIA: A Brazilian Congress sheet is acceptable to urge wide execution charges against the president Jair bolsonaro, stating that helium intentionally fto the coronavirus ravage the state and termination hundreds of thousands successful a failed effort to execute herd immunity and revive. Latin Americalargest economy. A study of a Congressional investigation, excerpts of which were viewed by New York Times Ahead of its scheduled merchandise this week, it besides recommends transgression charges against 69 different people, including 3 of Bolsonaro’s children and authorities officials.
The bonzer accusations look successful a astir 1,200-page study that efficaciously blames Bolsonaro’s policies for the deaths of much than 3,000,000 Brazilians, fractional the decease toll from coronavirus successful the nation, and urges authorities to jailhouse the man. president, according to excerpts from the report. study and interviews with 2 of the committee’s senators. “Many of these deaths were preventable,” helium said. Renan calheiros, the centrist Brazilian legislator who was the pb writer of the report. “I americium personally convinced that helium is liable for the escalation of the slaughter.”
At best, it is unclear whether the study volition pb to transgression charges. But it whitethorn crook retired to beryllium a large escalation successful the governmental challenges Bolsonaro faces. He faces re-election adjacent twelvemonth and is suffering a dip successful popularity.
Since the opening of the pandemic, Bolsonaro has worked to minimize the menace of the virus. As countries astir the satellite closed and his ain radical began to capable hospitals, helium encouraged wide gatherings and discouraged masks. Declared a vaccine skeptic, helium lashed retired astatine anyone who dared to knock him arsenic irresponsible. Those actions, the study argued, amounted to wide murder. Bolsonaro’s bureau did not respond to requests for comment, but the president has said the probe is politically motivated. The report’s findings culminate a six-month probe by a Senate Covid-19 peculiar committee that held much than 50 hearings.

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