Bisleri Limonata Launches #DoubleTheChill Campaign with Aditya Roy Kapur as Brand Ambassador

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Bisleri International, established by Mr. Ramesh Jayantilal Chauhan, the pioneer successful the carbonated brushed drinks manufacture successful India with a bequest of creating immoderate of the astir iconic brands, has announced Aditya Roy Kapur arsenic the caller marque ambassador for Bisleri Limonata.

Bisleri Limonata

Bisleri Limonata blends the zest of lime with the coolness of mint, delivering a refreshing acquisition for consumers. The motorboat of the vibrant #DoubleTheChill run aims to item this unsocial merchandise experience, establishing beardown designation for Limonata’s distinctive spirit blend. Unlike different drinks successful the segment, Limonatas operation of lime and mint sets it apart.

Aditya Roy Kapur, embodying the essence of the marque with his chill and refreshing persona, has a beardown instrumentality following, particularly among Gen Z. His relation with Limonata helps to solidify the brands representation and entreaty to this cardinal demographic.

The Bisleri Limonata #DoubleTheChill run was conceptualized and crafted by Bisleri’s in-house originative team. Demonstrating their exceptional creativity and heavy knowing of the brand, the squad delivered a compelling communicative that resonates with Gen ‘Z‘. The strategical marque relation with Aditya Roy Kapur was managed by Wavemaker and Group M ESP.

Tushar Malhotra, Director of Sales and Marketing astatine Bisleri International said, “Bisleri Limonata stands retired successful citrus beverages with its lime and mint operation and has won implicit millions of consumers. Aditya Roy Kapur is simply a large marque acceptable arsenic helium is 1 of the coolest actors contiguous with an easy-going charm. With this campaign, were acceptable to fortify our enslaved with GenZ consumers and thrust adjacent greater request for Limonata.”

Aditya Roy Kapur commented, “Im excited to embark connected this refreshing journey. Limonatas invigorating sensation and zest for beingness perfectly aligns with my ain outlook. I enjoyed being portion of the run due to the fact that it has specified a chill and amusive vibe and should beryllium precise enjoyable for the consumers. This besides, I americium blessed to collaborate and beryllium a portion of the Bisleri family.”

The integrated motorboat of the run volition beryllium promoted crossed assorted platforms, including television, integer media, out-of-home media, transportation vehicles, commercialized marketing, OTT platforms, and more.

Stay tuned arsenic Bisleri, invites you to acquisition the chill and exhilarating sensation of Limonata, redefining refreshment this season.

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About Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.
With a bequest of implicit 50 years, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has grown to go 1 of the largest premium beverage businesses successful India. Being the makers of the countrys largest-selling packaged drinking water, Bisleri follows a stringent process of 114 prime tests and a 10-stage purification. It remains existent to its halfway worth of providing consumers with pure, harmless and steadfast water.

Bisleri International has a beardown beingness with 128 operational plants and a robust organisation web of implicit 6,000 Distributors and 7,500 Distribution Trucks crossed India and UAE market. It offers a scope of beverages that are produced for each occasions. Whether it is the committedness of goodness, trust, and purity with Bisleri Mineral Water oregon a regular dose of wellness offered done Vedica Himalayan Spring Water. Besides, Bisleri International has ventured into fun-filled refreshments with a divers scope of carbonated drinks disposable successful aggregate flavours, specified arsenic Limonata, Spyci Jeera Rev and Pop. These Bisleri products are besides disposable connected the e-commerce level – Bisleri@Doorstep. This D2C level reassures customers that they volition person a harmless and uninterrupted proviso of their astir trusted marque astatine their doorstep.

The halfway values of Bisleri International prevarication successful yielding maturation and embedding sustainability by being liable successful each aspects of the business. The enactment has unveiled Sustainability 2.0 with Bisleri Greener Promise that focuses connected creating greener aboriginal for each done implementing initiatives nether the programme of recycling, h2o conservation and sustainability.

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