Berkman Klein Center welcomes Susan Hendrickson as executive director

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The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society astatine Harvard University has announced the assignment of Susan Hendrickson ’93 arsenic its caller enforcement director. Hendrickson volition assistance pb the halfway and signifier its adjacent procreation of education, research, and engagement connected exertion and society, connecting it to caller communities and collaborators. She volition statesman her assignment successful February 2022.

“Sue brings an bonzer operation of energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to BKC,” said Faculty Chair Jonathan Zittrain ’95, George Bemis Professor of International Law. “Not lone is she a superb and innovative practitioner and counsellor successful areas of exertion that the center’s communities attraction astir deeply, but she’s besides a resourceful and effectual leader. We’re thrilled she’s joining america astatine a fraught infinitesimal successful the survey of the integer space.”

Hendrickson is simply a starring exertion and intelligence spot ineligible strategist focused connected cutting-edge exertion and innovation. An accomplished squad builder, she has served arsenic a spouse astatine Arnold & Porter, wherever she co-heads the exertion and beingness sciences transactions practices. Her extended acquisition with analyzable legal, commercial, and nationalist argumentation issues spans 3 decades of exertion expansion, from the aboriginal days of AOL to today’s precocious AI/machine learning, autonomous, and connected technologies. Her expertise extends crossed galore sectors, including integer media, IT and telecommunications, healthcare, education, and the arts.

Hendrickson has forged effectual alliances enabling starring planetary organizations, civilian nine organizations, exertion companies, investors, and philanthropists to clasp the committedness and mitigate the risks of emerging technologies. Her longstanding engagement with advocacy and philanthropy organizations includes her existent work arsenic committee subordinate and liaison to the tech advisory committee of Human Rights First wherever she is assisting the Innovation Lab’s efforts to incubate technologies to code pressing quality rights issues.

Hendrickson said, “I’m excited to beryllium joining the squad astatine BKC and grateful for the accidental to pb the halfway astatine this consequential clip successful the narration betwixt the internet, technology, and society. The opportunities from technological improvement are immense and promising, but the disruptions and risks — whether to idiosyncratic freedoms, democracy, equity, the regularisation of law, concern models, oregon different — are serious, complex, and request to beryllium tackled caput on. Charting a affirmative people guardant requires precisely the public-spirited, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and planetary enactment astatine which BKC excels. I’m looking guardant to diving successful with BKC’s dynamic communities and advancing the Center’s real-world impact.”

“Sue Hendrickson joins the Berkman Klein Center arsenic we navigate our 3rd decade, a clip successful which we are redefining our research, outreach, and acquisition programs. I look guardant to collaborating with Sue connected these captious efforts, which volition payment from insights from some her signifier and her nationalist involvement work, arsenic good arsenic her heavy connections with legal, tech, and argumentation communities,” said Berkman Klein Managing Director Elisabeth Sylvan. “Sue’s passionateness for quality rights work, successful particular, resonates with truthful overmuch of what we attraction astir astatine BKC.”

James Mickens, subordinate prof of machine subject and Berkman Klein co-director, said, “I’m precise excited to invited Sue to the enforcement manager relation astatine BKC. She has an astonishing magnitude of acquisition with thorny issues astatine the intersection of technology, law, and policy. She’s besides been precise palmy astatine managing analyzable teams and executing connected ample projects. BKC volition payment from Sue’s enactment arsenic we tackle daunting problems similar misinformation, contented moderation, and information privateness legislation.”

Hendrickson serves connected the committee of the KID Museum, a pioneering acquisition makerspace for young people, has agelong been an advocator connected behalf of initiatives for the advancement of women and girls, and was a Founding Board Member of Women successful Bio, a nonprofit fostering entrepreneurship of women successful beingness sciences. She holds degrees from Harvard College, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Law School, wherever she was an exertion of the Harvard Law Review.

“Sue Hendrickson comes to Berkman Klein with a distinguished grounds of forging agreements astir hard intelligence spot innovation issues successful important sectors and planetary contexts,” said Ruth Okediji LL.M. ’91 S.J.D. ’06, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law and Berkman Klein module co-director. “The Berkman Klein module directors look guardant to having Sue connected board, and we’re profoundly grateful to Managing Director Lis Sylvan for her singular enactment of the halfway during our modulation and hunt for an enforcement director.”

Hendrickson succeeds Urs Gasser LL.M. ’03, who stepped down aft 12 years of transformative work to judge an inaugural professorship of nationalist policy, governance, and innovative exertion astatine the Technical University of Munich. Gasser volition stay connected the committee of directors, further fostering the center’s transatlantic collaborations.

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