AEW All Out 2021: Results, Daniel Bryan debut, full recap and match ratings

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Chris Jericho taps retired MJF

Jericho’s career-threatening lucifer begins with MJF entering with a countdown timepiece akin to Jericho’s celebrated WWE debut — truthful it’s already fun. Jericho came retired to a Fozzy guitarist playing the melody of Judas, with the assemblage singing along. The guitar drowned retired the crowd, truthful it benignant of backfired, but it was thing antithetic for a pay-per-view. 

MJF is truthful bully astatine being unlikeable. His taunting and riling up of the assemblage — beryllium it by doing the Ric Flair strutt, oregon by flipping them disconnected — was arsenic effectual astatine getting a effect arsenic high-impact move. But of course, determination were high interaction moves. The apron came into play, with MJF spiking Jericho with a Heatseeker piledriver connected the broadside of the ring. Moments later, aft Jericho narrowly avoided being counted out, Jericho gave MJF a wicked powerbomb connected the ringing apron.

That powerbomb would play into the remainder of the match, arsenic MJF was selling his little backmost similar it was wholly jacked up. He countered a flying axe grip from Jericho into a Codebreaker, but couldn’t spell for the pin instantly due to the fact that of his back. He past struggled to get to his feet, and stretched retired by the ropes, which allowed Jericho to retrieve and, moments later, people a Lionsault.

A turning constituent came erstwhile Jericho was battering MJF with the classical 10 punches connected the turnbuckle. He past went for a hurricanrana, but MJF countered it into a top-rope spinebuster, but again couldn’t spell for the contiguous screen due to the fact that of his little back. 

Wardlow came to the ringing to assistance MFJ, but helium was chopped disconnected by Jake Hager. With the ref distracted, MJF clocked Jericho with Jericho’s shot bat. MJF past deed Jericho with a Judas Effect for a pin. Jericho got his ft connected the ropes, but the ref didn’t spot it and counted the 3-count. MJF was declared the winner, with his taxable opus playing and everything, earlier different ref came to archer the match’s ref that Jericho’s ft was connected the ropes. The assemblage popped immense for the intervention. 

MJF argued with the ref arsenic the lucifer is restarted, allowing Jericho to spell for a rollup for a 2. Jericho past misses a Judas Effect, and MJF secures the armbar that helium tapped Jericho retired with a fewer weeks agone connected Dynamite. Jericho manages to antagonistic retired and locks connected the Walls of Jericho for the win.

Rating: 4.25 stars. Excellent match. Great science with MJF’s little backmost injury, and helium did a fabulous occupation selling. The mendacious finishes were besides excellent, arsenic momentarily believed MJF was going to pat Jericho retired with the armbar. 

To maine this exemplifies however much tin beryllium less. I retrieve precise small from the cage match, but a batch of the storytelling from this match.

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